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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comic Review - Ultimate Mystery 1-4

Ultimate Mystery 1-4
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team

Story: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Rafa Sandoval

Continuing directly from Ultimate Enemy, Ultimate Mystery takes us to the Project Pegasus (in the deserts of Wyoming), a super top secret facility where the US Govt keeps all the super-powerful artifacts such as the Cosmic Cube (which made its silver screen debut in the Thor movie!), Wand of Watoomb, etc safely locked away.

As a result of the earlier attacks, SHIELD had assigned Capt Marvel, the KREE alien there to provided a super-powered protection but before long, the have a strange visitor - Rick Jones, now called Nova - coming to warn of something really bad that's about to go down. Suddenly, Capt Marvel transforms into a familiar looking alien strike team attacker we had seen before in Ultimate Enemy! Nova teleports them from Project Pegasus to the Baxter Building. The combined heroes manage to take down the transformed Capt Marvel but the ensuing chaos causes the entire Baxter building to collapse. To save Rick Jones/Nova, Sue erects her force fields around them but seeing the strain on Sue, Nova teleports them back to Project Pegasus where Sue finally discovers the villain behind all of this - Reed Richards!

Meanwhile, fearing further attacks on his family a-la Reed Richards, Peter Parker (Spiderman) leaves his home & Aunt May until he can discover who the attackers are. He teams up with Spider-Girl to infiltrate Roxxon to see how they are linked to the recent attacks and had her cover blown by the Roxxon Brain Trust (a team of young super-geniuses under Roxxon's employ, incl: Misty Knight, Nathaniel Essex, Arnim Zola, etc.)

Spiderman intervenes in time to save Spider-girl from them but Reed had already started the his 2nd wave of attacks.

At times, Rafa Sandoval's art reminds me of Stuart Immonen & Carlos Pacheco, at times a little of Ryan Sook (BTW, what has happened to him? I really miss his work!) and a bit of Olivier Coipel & Steve McNiven thrown in for good measure!

Not bad but a little unpolished but you can see his talent. However, having said that, there are some panels that appear to be rushed (not sure if that's his fault or the inker's
Marvel Universe's Nova. Way cooler looking than the Ultimate version's Human Torch Wannabe. 
I have not much else to say as it is basically a continuation of the same story, only marketed as a separate mini series title. Pretty sneaky of Marvel to do this! The story isn't fantastic despite the Fantastic Four's members being an integral part of it. 

However, that being said, they are introducing more of the Marvel Universe elements into the Ultimate Universe in various new ways which older fans may either love or cringe at. Personally, I quite like the introduction of Project Pegasus in the Ultimate Universe but I didn't like the fact that they made Rick Jones the Nova of Ultimate Universe. He looks so much like the Human Torch that there's virtually no difference visually (I don't blame you if you thought the fiery character on the covers of #1,2 &4 was the Human Torch but is in fact Nova).