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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Shamefully/Shamelessly copied by Malaysians

I am now finally able to talk freely about my disdain and absolute lack of respect for the local Media companies (more specifically the TV companies). 

Despite the skills and talents that I'm sure are abundantly available, the decision makers within these TV firms still allow such despicable copy-cat work to pass off as their creative property. (Sure, some would jump to their defense and say that they probably paid the original owners for the use of these logos... riiiiigght...!)

Here are the 3 most blatant and apparent of such examples:
1) NTV7 - a blatant copy of Australia's Seven Network's logo.
 2) TV3 + NTV7's children's program icon - Bananana - another blatant copy, but this time, of Cartoon Network's Bloo. With just a simple change in color, they think they can fool people to think that this was an original creation.

3) RTM's A++ - another blatant copy, but this time, of the Avengers Logo. Lucky for RTM it is a totally irrelevant TV station. If not, we can all bet on Marvel suing the sarong off them.
 Is there any wonder why products of the Old Malaysia* lacked the standard and respect of people like me.

* I am very hopeful that the New Malaysia will bring back some of the shine & luster we had lost in the last 15 years.