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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Food Review - Capriciossa

Capricciosa (Sunway Pyramid Outlet)

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Getting there
It's located right next to the entrance facing the Sunway Theme Park.
If you're going to the Pavilion outlet, then it's located at the Lower Ground floor where a myriad of dining outlets can be found.

There are lots of parking lots at the Sunway Pyramid Car-Park itself or you can choose to park at the public Car-Park at the shoplots nearby.

Capricciosa is very clean and well lit with a very interesting dry kitchen that's right at the entrance that's visible to diners and passers-by.

Diners and passers-by can see for themselves how their pizzas are freshly made 1st-hand.

The timber flooring also makes the place look very inviting and Italian. However, for this outlet, somehow, the way the seating is arranged made it seem kind of odd, with a little too much space.

However, having said that, the additional space is in no way detrimental on a diner's experience at this restaurant.

During this particular visit, we only ordered pasta and not the pizzas. Even so, the pastas were served in pearly white china plates. This makes us want to dig into the food all the more as it makes the pasta look so much more enticing! Yummm...

We ordered the following from the Pasta Fresca (Fresh Pasta) Range:
  • Pappardelle with Porcini & Eringi Mushroom in Cream Sauce
  • Fetuccine with Smoked Salmon in Tomato Cream Sauce
  • Pappardelle with Mushrooms in Spicy Ragu Sauce
They were all served hot and were all rich and creamy. The aroma made it almost impossible to resist for us to dig in immediately. There was no hint of any lack of freshness (Hmmmm, maybe we were brain-washed by what we saw at the dry kitchen thru the glass...)

All were good and we would definitely have no reservations in recommending you to Capricciosa.

As the restaurant is not technically a fast-food outlet, we had to wait quite a bit for the food to be served. However, diners would know to expect this as it's not a fast-food joint.

The order taker was quite helpful in helping us decide on which menu items to order. Despite being an activity that we partake in 3 times (or more for some people ;P ) a day, ordering food can be a daunting task when one is unfamiliar with the menu. So, I'd say they provided pretty good service.

With a plethora of pizzas and pasta items, there are enough items on the menu to warrant multiple repeat visits. 

Value for Money
At RM2x.xx per item, it's not something that you'd indulge in daily but judging from the quality, taste and the overall experience one gets from Capricciosa, I'd say it's good value. The Pizza items are pretty competitive as well. So when you have a craving for pizzas, it's a good alternative to the other Fast-Food type places like Pizza Hut.

Good food, good ambience & good value. What more can you ask for? Go give it a try and let me know what you think.