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Monday, June 5, 2017

Movie Review - Wonder Woman

Guest Reviewer: Leslie Lee
I really liked the movie a lot. Overall it was a great movie. But there were two points that I didn’t like as much.
Firstly, I believe the director Patty Jenkins was trying too hard to explain Wonder Woman's background (Wonder Woman's Themysciran background is fertile ground for a TV series, spin-off movies, etc), but some of the dialogs were a bit too long.

Secondly, the story was set in World War 1. I'd have preferred it to be in the modern/contemporary world (I totally agree with you on this). Again may be the director is trying prolong the story (like Captain America) in order to set up the audience for more Wonder Woman movies to enjoy in the coming years (Who wouldn't want to watch more Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman right?)

The action scenes are great, but I think they should emphasize more on the action in the movie. To me, the actions scenes are not enough. Especially her shield, it should be more powerful.
As for her enemy - Ares (the Greek God of War), I think the director should look for a younger and more muscular guy to play this role. To me, the fight scenes between Wonder Woman and Ares are not enough and not as interesting as some of Marvel’s super heroes action scenes (OK, to be fair, Marvel has had a head-start in this so let's see how this plays out. Give DC a couple more years). Moreover, Ares was too powerful in the beginning but ended up losing to Wonder Woman without much persuasiveness.

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) - I think she is stylish, intelligent, tall and she also looks pretty sexy (No argument from me...) She has a bit of an Angelina Jolie feel. Among all the actresses who took up this character, I think Gal Gadot is the best. I think she really put a lot of effort into this character and really trained up well in preparation for the role. Hopefully she still can take up this role for another few more Wonder Woman movies as she is currently expecting her 2nd child (Whaaaaat??!!!).
To sum up, I think this movie will be another top ranking profitable box office movie success (I heard some really record breaking box office numbers from the opening weekend alone. This is starting to look like the Game Changer I was hoping that it would become for DC). For my score, I will give 8 out 10 for the movie and 9.5/10 for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Haha - does your wife know about this?)

(Red comments are from me - who, for the record, have not watched it yet! I will do my version later AFTER I have watched it.)