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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Comic Review - Fearful Asymmetry (Part 1 - Marvel)

This post focuses on characters that look a bit off and imbalanced (and I'm not referring to psychos like Typhoid Mary). Anyway, they just look odd. Have a look and see what I mean.

I first came across Warlock in the New Mutants way back in the 80's when I was subscribing to the series because I was a big fan of Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz (anybody remember him?). It was during their run that the alien Warlock (not to be confused with Adam Warlock) was introduced.
Typhoid Mary, I guess (OK, looks like I'm inviting some negativity here...) was the template for DC's Harley Quinn. The psychotic female. A constant thorn to Daredevil. 

Jack of Hearts. I like this guy quite a bit ever since first seeing him battle Iron Man in 103 (1976?). I guess many don't like him because of his really dorky looking costume, but that's just my theory.

Domino, from X-Force, Well, she was introduced during the Rob Liefeld era and up till today, I have NEVER liked anything by Rob Liefeld. 'Nuff said (OK, to be fair, I have not given the Savage Dragon a try yet).

Raza (of the Starjammers)
As I had been a massive X-Men fan for over 20 years, I had been reading almost EVERY X-Book Marvel was churning out since the Claremont/Byrne issues. So I really liked the Starjammers (the description for this group is kinda very similar to how you'd describe the Guardians of the Galaxy - a rag-tag team of unknown D-Listers in a cosmic jalopy and having all kinds of cosmic adventures.)

Ex-Nihilo - if you recall, I had written about him in my earlier post. I have not read anything new with him in it since that post so, I don't really have new to add. However, he does qualify for this post as I'm sure all of you would agree.

Thanks to the aforementioned Guardians Movie, now people all over the world knows about Nebula, Daughter of Thanos.
Nick Fury (well, the black version anyway) is another one of those characters who's received a lot of recognition by the public thanks to his portrayal by Sam Jackson.

Odin is yet another one of those characters who's received a lot more recognition by the non-geek populace, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.

Deathlok - Remember this name as he's gonna be big! Geeks like me know him from waaaay back in the early 70s as he's the original template for characters like Robocop and DC's Cyborg. With his appearance in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV Series not too long ago, he's gonna be a household name like how the Guardians are pretty soon (provided they don't screw it up). Mark my words.
Cable (Scott Summers' son from a possible future) from X-Force, He, along with Domino (see above) was introduced during the Rob Liefeld era. I'm not gonna repeat myself here. Malekith the Dark Elf is yet another one recognisable from the MCU (Thor 2, just in case)