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Monday, September 28, 2009

Stuff So Good...5

You will roll down laughing when you see it...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Comic Review - X-Men vs. Hulk

X-Men vs. Hulk
Publish Date/Year2009
Creative TeamChris Claremont, Jheremy Raapack

StoryThis issue has 2 stories – the main feature and a reprint of the X-Men’s 1st encounter in (Uncanny) X-Men 66 by Roy Thomas & Sal Buscema which will not be reviewed here.

This is a flashback story (John Byrne Era) about Colossus’ (aka Piotr/Peter Nikolaievitch Rasputin) 1st encounter with the Hulk. This was a set up by Wolverine, Storm and Nightcarwler as part of a rite of passage for Peter – for him to confront the Hulk in the mountainous regions of North New York.

As he is hiking up the hills of north New York alone, taking in the sights and a chance for him to do a few pieces of art (as was his hobby until his time in X-Men now made it impossible to do anymore) he is joined by X-Men new recruit Kitty Pryde and her pet dragon Lockheed. Before long, they were confronted by the Hulk and, as expected, a pointless fight ensues. But before even the readers expect it, it ends. …Yeah, that’s basically the issue.

ArtThe art is somewhat competent but lacks the x-factor (pun intended) that makes it stand out. At a glance, you might think this was done by Tom Raney – another fairly competent artist but lack that extra oomph to make a statement. Especially not in these times when readers are more sophisticated and have a plethora of titles that feature great artists.

His art is more suitable for all-ages books like Marvel Adventures.

Additional CommentsThe writing is pretty weak (read: Lame), although the message is a commendable one – using one’s head and not violence or might to solve problems. However, this is an insignificant story. Having read or nor read this story absolutely makes no difference whatsoever.

It’s a little hard to think that Chris Claremont, whom many consider to be the Grand-daddy of the New X-Men, had written this one. Sad and unfortunate.

I would suggest readers to STEER CLEAR of this one. Save your hard earned money for something else.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comic Review - Dark Reign:The List - Daredevil

Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Andy Diggle & Billy Tan
Andy Diggle & Roberto De La Torre

The Hand (the underworld organization that had plagued DD’s life for years employing ninja assassins) had offered its recently vacant leadership to one of their greatest opponents – Matt Murdock (DD’s civilian guise), after discovering that their former leader – Elektra, was an alien Skrull impostor (see Secret Invasion).

There are 2 stories in this issue:

The 1st one has Osborn setting Bullseye on DD and Bullseye gleefully takes the opportunity to snuff out DD, his arch-memesis. However, that doesn’t happen in this issue as Bullseye arrives immediately after DD’s initiation as the Hand’s leader, taunts DD into following him on a HAMMER copter. Bullseye leads DD to a tenement to be demolished but full of occupants who refused to budge. There, he blows up the whole building and kills all 107 occupants. DD meanwhile looked like he had just about taken all the body count he could from Bullseye and that’s where the issue ends. Readers will need to pick up DD 501 for the continuation.

The 2nd story had DD mulling over the deaths of the 107 tenement occupants and was speaking to someone named Izo, who seems like his former guru, Stick. Having realized how the rules of engagement had changed in their dangerous “game”, DD was looking at the whole hero’s responsibility matter drastically different – like making use the Hand in his work. Before DD assumes his mantle of leadership, to complete his initiation, a life-sacrifice must be made. Similarly here, readers will need to pick up DD 501 for the continuation.

Billy Tan turns in great work as always. And it always brings me pride to know that Billy Tan is our Malaysian Artist who has made it big. However, having been fed the dark & gritty realism art from Alex Maleev, I feel that Billy’s art is more suited toward the more super-heroic characters like X-Men, Spider-man, etc.

You may accuse De La Torre of being a Alex Maleev copy-cat but it is nevertheless great art-work. There is a hint of influence from Neal Adams and Bill Sienkiewicz in there as well. This is a guy to watch.

Additional Comments
The story is a little too light for my tastes, not meaty enough. Altho’ it was still a good read with great art.

It was also nice to see really obscure characters like the Black Tarantula and White Tiger appear here.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Food Review - SCHOKOLART

AddressBlock K-1-05

LocationSolaris, Mont Kiara

Getting thereLocated at the corner of on the 1st floor of Solaris, Mont Kiara (directly facing Tenji).
ParkingThere are ample parking spaces in and around Solaris as it is a busy commercial centre.

ServiceThe service staff is well-trained, polite and professional. They will shower you with attention when they are not pre-occupied during peak times.

AmbienceAs it has a very quaint & light colored interior (Black, White & Pink). It can also somewhat ultra modern minimalist themed décor.

They also have extremely classy themed boxes that are perfect for gifts (especially for L'Amour.)
TasteThe food quality is good but unfortunately it was nothing special or outstanding.

The Roesti was pretty standard, eventho’ they came in different varieties (see below).

The bratwursts were too soft for my liking. I prefer brats to be firmer, meatier & less “foamy” (the feeling that the brat was made from processed meat foam – very little substance, and not very filling.)

PresentationThe way the food is presented looked like they were designed with some thought as to how the arrangement and colors of the food added to the dining experience.

I have to admit the way the food was presented really made resisting it next to impossible. The drinks also were impossible to resist (the choc, cocoa, shaved nut sprinklings on top of the drink add to their irresistibility.) Nice…
Swiss Roesti (fried shredded potatoes)**:
Glarner - plain
Baseler – with friend onion rings
Appenzeller – with pasta and “bacon”
Tessiner – with diced “bacon”
Emmentaler – with melted Emmentaler Cheese
Berner - with milk and “bacon”

** The Roesti comes with a choice of gravies: Mushroom or Cheese. The Cheese gravy is light and flavorful but it can get too rish toward the end of the meal.

Among the creatively-named Hurricanes (Specialty Shakes):
Bizarre Love Triangle
Cuddle & Coddle
Love Essence
Passion Potion
Value for MoneyFor the ambience, décor, service and of course, the food, the prices are pretty reasonable. The Roesti dishes are all under RM16 and the drinks are all below RM20 a pop.

OverallA quaint little place that is perfect for a romantic evening or an afternoon tete-a-tete. Prices are not too steep and the service staff ensures that they attend to all your dining needs.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comic Review - Dark Reign:The List - Avengers

Title/StorylineDark Reign - The List - Avengers
Publish Date/Year2009
Creative TeamBrian M. Bendis, Marko Djurdjevic & Mark Morales

The REAL Avengers, are now outlaws because Norman Osborn (whom Spider-Man fans already know is actually the demented Green Goblin), now heads HAMMER (formerly known as SHIELD) and is the current media darling of the day.

He begins to execute his plans to wipe out his enemies. Hence THE LIST. The list of things he plans to do to take out his opponents, starting with the Real Avengers.

Meanwhile, in the pages of New Avengers, Clint Barton, the real Hawkeye, had exposed Norman Osborn to be the Green Goblin to the public but it backfired due to Osborn’s spin-doctoring. Here, Barton (in the guise of Ronin) is still hell-bent on killing Osborn despite objections from his team-mates (vehemently so from Spidey!). It drives him to go it alone, with GUNS!

Within seconds of infiltrating the Avengers Tower, Venom gets taken out first. Followed by Bullseye, and then Daken (with an arrow thru his throat no less)!

He manages to reach Osborn but fails in his bid to kill him (of course, if not there’d be no further issues) as Ares was there to stop him.

ArtDjurdjevic is one of the BEST cover artists around today but in the pencil and inks arena, his gorgeous artwork had been overshadowed by the less refined ink-work of Morales

Additional CommentsThere were additional pages at the end of the issue previewing the other up-coming The List books – DD & X-Men.

From the preview pages, they look very promising. Good writing and equally commendable artwork from our home-boy Billy Tan (for DD) and Alan Davis (for X-Men).
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comic Review - War of Kings – Who Will Rule?

War of Kings – Who Will Rule?
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Words - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art - Paul Pelletier & Andrew Hennessy

Previously, in the mini series…
The War of Kings storyline changed the status of the Inhumans in the Marvel Universe from being refugees to interstellar conquerors. At the end of the Mini Series, after the T-Bomb exploded and seemingly destroyed the 2 empires’ respective kings, Black Bolt and Vulcan. The Shi’ar ceded to Kree rule to stop further loss of life. However, the explosion from the T-Bomb had already caused a fracture in the fabric of reality.

In the wake of the mini series, while both the Kree & Shi’ar are still reeling from the loss of both their respective kings, Black Bolt and Vulcan, in their final showdown to destroy the T-Bomb, they were in the midst of bidding their final farewell to their beloved former Empress, Lilandra, who was assassinated by the Fraternity of the Raptors during the War. (See

Crystal, meanwhile, is reluctantly mulling the idea of being made the Regent to rule over the Shi’ar empire. She tries to get Gladiator to do the job instead, for the sake of the Shi’ar, as she knows nothing about the Shi’ar.

However, during the procession, the Imperial Guard stages a military coup and disrupts the funeral for Lilandra. This is where we get to see the savagery and prowess of the Inhumans (now led by Queen Medusa). Gladiator, however, sides with the Inhumans as expected. After all, he is the ultimate soldier and the Imperial Guard, despite their hatred for the Kree & Inhumans, still hold him in the highest regard.

Finally, Gladiator reluctantly takes the responsibility from Crystal and order was returned. However, in the final 2 pages, we see that events may have occurred due to further manipulations of the Fraternity of the Raptors. Elsewhere, we see the return of a most interesting, if not fearsome character in the same class (Universal Threat Level) with Thanos and Darkseid – the Magus.

Pelletier turns in consistent & competent work but the ink-work is a little too broad-stroked and reminiscent of the 80’s style, more specifically Joe Sinnott’s work.Not that it’s a bad thing, only that it makes the work look dated.

Additional Comments
Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning has done something that many others have tried but failed – make Marvel cosmic stories not only interesting but provide gripping-you-by-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement!

I was really happy to see the Magus return! He was a really big in the 70’s as Adam Warlock’s arch nemesis. He’s been in limbo ever since because he was a Jim Starlin brainchild and nobody touched him.

The developments with the Fraternity of the Raptors also looks like it will become a strong platform to build a rich tapestry of relevant cosmic events (and perhaps even bring back ROM, Spaceknight?)

I highly recommend fans who like this story to also pick up the current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy – which runs in parallel with all things cosmic (DUH!). Together with Nova (equally successful), these titles form Marvels cosmic pillars, I personally much prefer Guardians of the Galaxy to Nova.

Let me know what you think.