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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Movie Review - Where Got Ghost?

Movie Title
Where Got Ghost?
Comedy, Horror

Every year, on the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, is the Hungry Ghost Festival. Singaporeans (and Malaysians as well) with Chinese heritage and background will be celebrating with their beloved family members that have passed away. Most common methods are burning paper money and offering food (and sometimes Blackberries & 1-16 scale Mercs) for their deceased family members. “Where Got Ghost” is a typical Singaporean horror-comedy movie that is divided into three stories:

Roadside Got Ghost, Forest Got Ghost and House Got Ghost: An unofficial follow-up to Money No Enough 2 (After the death of Mother). This three-part storytelling isn't something as confusing as one would think. Instead each story is told in its own, complete and standalone way. Providing more information about these three stories would spoil the plot for those who have not watched.

Acting was just satisfactory. Some of the leads did not show as much emotion as they should have and the minor characters were quite emotionless. The acting could've been much better. Though for a Singaporean film, it is not too bad.
The movie was mostly in Mandarin and Hokkien. For a person like me who can't understand Chinese, I depended solely on the subtitles and found the jokes amusing though it would be funnier if you could understand the language.This was the first Jack Neo film I watched; I had high expectations for it to be hilarious due to its lame jokes and things that occur. And in that case, it did not disappoint!
I can still remember some of the jokes that were mentioned in the movie. However, this definitely isn't the movie you would want to watch if you expect alot of gory and scary scenes. As far as I remember, there was only one scene in which I felt rather surprised; the other 'scary' scenes are quite predictable and definitely not horrifying! The filmmakers did try their best to make it scary through the music and atmosphere of the movie.
The best part of the movie is that each story has its own moral value which is quite commendable as one would not expect such a movie to have such things.
To conclude, I personally feel this movie is quite worth watching (especially if you're a fan of Jack Neo films); though you should not attempt to watch if you can't stand the lameness or if you're seriously hoping for lots of horror!

Guest Reviewer: Serene Chua

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