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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Movie Review - Gamer

Movie Title
Gamer (was previously named just “Game”)
Sci-Fi, Action

In a possible near future, where online gaming entertainment has evolved into a new hybrid where players control real humans in gaming environments via nano-technology developed by the game creator – a super-successful billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). Following the success of Society (it’s the SIMs game taken to the extreme where real humans are the avatars), the latest game sweeping the world, named “Slayers”, involves death row convicts who are given the option of participating in the game for the chance at freedom if they survive 30 rounds of carnage where they really and literally fight to survive. In the bloody Slayers game, the convicts are game avatars controlled by players. The first convict coming close to completing all 30 missions is Kable (Gerard Butler), who is also a media darling (Hmmph, a convict celeb…).

However, all is not what they seem as there is an extreme-left conspiracy theorist group called the Humanz, who vehemently oppose what Ken Castle is doing, does everything they can to free Kable as he holds the key to unlocking the mystery behind Ken Castle’s sinister plans. The Humanz Brother (Ludacris) contacts both Simon (Logan Lerman) a 17year-old teenager who “plays” Kable, and Kable to coordinate an escape. Meanwhile, Kable’s own quest to be reunited with his wife, Angie (Amber Valletta) and daughter fuels his fighting spirit and reluctant cooperation to resolve the mystery behind the conspiracy.
Well, it’s a typical Sci-fi Action movie so there isn’t any great acting that would hit you in the face or make you cry. We see Butler grimacing a lot, so I guess that’s a good thing, yes?
Some parts are quite un-intentionally comedic, eg: the final confrontation between Kable and Castle.
The concept is an interesting one where nano-tech may cause lots of problems for the human race in the future. However, the execution leaves A LOT to be desired. To be fair, the action sequences were pretty intense and done really well.

If you must watch this, my advice to Malaysians is to NOT watch this in the theatres as there were simply too much that were censored both in terms of visually and verbally (due to the liberal amounts of profanity used plus the copious amounts of ultra violent and sexually provocative images peppered thru’out the movie.). Add to the fact that the style of the movie was extremely disjointed to begin with. For most of the 1st half of the movie, much of the game environment were given the MTV style treatment where multiple non-sequential images flash before your eyes in a spasm-inducing manner. Having the images shot in weird game-simulating angles and un-natural colors add to the visual mayhem.

Wait for the DVD and rent it. Save your money for some other Sci-Fi/Action flick.

Rating: 4.5/10

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