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Monday, September 21, 2009

Food Review - SCHOKOLART

AddressBlock K-1-05

LocationSolaris, Mont Kiara

Getting thereLocated at the corner of on the 1st floor of Solaris, Mont Kiara (directly facing Tenji).
ParkingThere are ample parking spaces in and around Solaris as it is a busy commercial centre.

ServiceThe service staff is well-trained, polite and professional. They will shower you with attention when they are not pre-occupied during peak times.

AmbienceAs it has a very quaint & light colored interior (Black, White & Pink). It can also somewhat ultra modern minimalist themed décor.

They also have extremely classy themed boxes that are perfect for gifts (especially for L'Amour.)
TasteThe food quality is good but unfortunately it was nothing special or outstanding.

The Roesti was pretty standard, eventho’ they came in different varieties (see below).

The bratwursts were too soft for my liking. I prefer brats to be firmer, meatier & less “foamy” (the feeling that the brat was made from processed meat foam – very little substance, and not very filling.)

PresentationThe way the food is presented looked like they were designed with some thought as to how the arrangement and colors of the food added to the dining experience.

I have to admit the way the food was presented really made resisting it next to impossible. The drinks also were impossible to resist (the choc, cocoa, shaved nut sprinklings on top of the drink add to their irresistibility.) Nice…
Swiss Roesti (fried shredded potatoes)**:
Glarner - plain
Baseler – with friend onion rings
Appenzeller – with pasta and “bacon”
Tessiner – with diced “bacon”
Emmentaler – with melted Emmentaler Cheese
Berner - with milk and “bacon”

** The Roesti comes with a choice of gravies: Mushroom or Cheese. The Cheese gravy is light and flavorful but it can get too rish toward the end of the meal.

Among the creatively-named Hurricanes (Specialty Shakes):
Bizarre Love Triangle
Cuddle & Coddle
Love Essence
Passion Potion
Value for MoneyFor the ambience, décor, service and of course, the food, the prices are pretty reasonable. The Roesti dishes are all under RM16 and the drinks are all below RM20 a pop.

OverallA quaint little place that is perfect for a romantic evening or an afternoon tete-a-tete. Prices are not too steep and the service staff ensures that they attend to all your dining needs.

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