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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Food Review - Jonker 88 Cendol & ABC

Jonker 88 Cendol & ABC
88, Jonker Street, Melaka
Cendol & ABC (and curry laksa as well, which will appear in a separate post later)

Getting there
Located at (ok, take a guess…) 88, Jonker Street right in the heart of Melaka (Malacca) town is a quaint little shop that’s almost always packed with either tourists or locals for the excellent food.
This will be a hassle as the streets are narrow and parking spaces are extremely limited. You would be advised to park somewhere central and just take a leisurely stroll around the area.
ServiceService is quick and hassle free. Orders are placed at the front of the shop where the food is prepared.
Well, it has lots of character as the shop is an old Colonial building from pre-Independence days. The interior is decorated like a mish-mash of a curio shop (as there are a number of interesting looking items that may be classified as antiques) cum Chinese Medical Hall but with dining tables (both wooded and marble ones).

The place is clearly separated into 2 distinct areas, one section at the front and another at the back, which has a skylight, typical of buildings from that era. I personally find the back section much more interesting than the front and I went there in all 3 of my visits during my recent trip to Melaka.
The cendol/ABC is special mainly because of the syrup used. It is made from authentic Gula Melaka (Palm or Coconut sugar) and is much thicker than what other stalls would normally use. When served, you will salivate just by looking at the thick, gooey & syrupy...molasses-like sugar being poured onto the shaved ice. Yummy! (Yes, I stayed to watch them prepare it.) The finely shaved ice is so soft and fluffy it just melts into your mouth. This really adds to the whole experience.

The Pandan (fragrant tropical leaves) infused Cendol strips are neatly placed together with the Kidney Red-beans for the Cendol (and with peanuts and corn for the ABC)

Served in the dainty Chinese porcelain bowls, they really make it a truly Malaccan experience.
VarietyThere are several variants of the Cendol & ABC. They come in either standard or with the works. See below for details.

- Baba Chendol + Durian variant
- 8 Precious Chendol (EPC) + Durian variant
- Baba Ice Kacang (ABC) + Durian variant

Value for Money
It costs more than the normal cendol but it’s still under RM2 and definitely worth it as I have not found a cendol that tastes anything close to it in the Klang Valley. (Hmmm, maybe I need to look harder. Anyone with good recommendations please share!)
Definitely a must try! It was so good for me I had to have it every single day I was in Melaka.

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