Thursday, November 29, 2018

Spies who love the letter "J"

This has been something that has bugged me for years.

Has it occurred to you that many, if not most, of the spies in the fictional world have names that start with the letter "J"? 

If it hasn't occurred to you, maybe it should now.

Let me reveal their secret:

James Bond (this fella needs no introduction right?)

 Jason Bourne (Matt Damon's Spy movie franchise)
 Johnny English (Mr. Bean's other movie franchise)
 Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise's latest Spy movie franchise)
 Jack Ryan (from Tom Clancy's books and movies)
 John Wick (Keanu's latest movie franchise)
John & Jane Smith (from Mr & Mrs Smith)

John Mason (from the Rock)
Jimmy Woo (from Marvel's Agents of ATLAS)
Johnny Barracuda (from the Danger Girl comic series)

John Lynch (from the Wildstorm Universe)
Jessica Drew (Better known as Spider-Woman. She used to be a HYDRA Agent before working for SHIELD)
Now that you know, we have to eliminate you...