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Friday, January 18, 2019

Game Review - Deck Heroes

Deck Heroes
IGG (I Got Games)

Ever since the demise of the Avengers Alliance game on FB, I haven't really found a game that compels me to log on for my daily dose until I found Deck Heroes more than a year ago.
As a big fan of both Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Deck Heroes is right up my alley. In a way, it really reminds me of a great PC Game - Heroes of Might and Magic. The only difference is that instead of having an avatar that crawls the maps with your heroes and creatures, this game is based entirely on collectible cards a la Magic the Gathering.

OK, disclaimer: This will NOT be a real review, I merely wanted to appreciate the TOP NOTCH World Class Artwork contained in the game. I would say that ALMOST every single piece of artwork on the cards are worthy of being framed!
This is the home screen for the game from where you can go to the various sections of the game.
Of course, as with all Fantasy Games, the game world will have various factions or races. In the case of Deck Heroes, there are 4 factions that players can use at any time and in any combination:
  1. Human
  2. Faen
  3. Neander
  4. Mortii

For this post, I'm focusing specifically on the many types of dragons available in the game. Why I chose dragons is because some of the other creatures (such as Efreets or Warlocks) may not be as well known by the general public as dragons. C'mon, who doesn't know what dragons are right?

Look at the artwork for the dragons. Aren't they just top notch?

Great Artwork, great game-play (it's FREE) and it's very challenging to boot. What more can you ask for?