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Monday, June 2, 2014

My Personal Favorites - Cosplay

I had been really swamped these past few weeks and have not really had a chance to make any new posts. Anyway, before getting back into gear, I've a enough time for a short post and hopefully, it's enough to whet your appetite for more when I finally manage to put up my next post.

Continuing from my last post, here are some more of the amazing cosplayers with their equally amazing costumes, props & poses.
Superman with damaged costume.
The Bat-Family (or should I say couple?) This one's apparently a Batman from an Alternate UniverseBatgirlHarlequinMr FreezeGreen ArrowLuthorWonder WomanAnd this, a fan-made WW poster for the much-anticipated Wonder Woman role played by Gal Gadot in the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie.
Wow - a whole bunch of DC characters!
Bobba Fett (from Star Wars of course)
 Black Widow & Red Skull (This one looks AWESOME!)Agent VenomSpidey (great pose by cosplayer!) 
Here are a few more that are not so mainstream:
These two are Lady America Circe I believe this is Ultra Violet (Sci-Fi Movie).