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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Review - Megamind

Movie Title
Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Comic fans will immediately recognise that the origin is a spoof of our dear friend Kal-El (aka Superman for non-fans) - 2 babies from different planets within the same doomed star systems were sent away by their parents to an unknown future. Their rivalry developed en-route to Earth.

As fate would have it, Megamind ends up on the dark side while his nemesis - Metro Man (Brad Pitt) ends up being the hero adored by all in Metro City. Over the years, he, along with his loyal sidekick - Minion (who is actually a fish in a fish bowl attached to a robotic gorilla's body!
Voiced by David Cross) have tried to conquer Metro City but each time, foiled by Metro Man. However, when, against all odds, he finally succeeds in destroying him, he is left without a purpose!

Faced with a dilemma, he then concludes that all he needed was to create another hero to replace Metro Man. Hence Titan, or Tighten (Jonah Hill) was born. However, as with all schemes by Megamind, they don't go as planned!
I have to admit that altho I'd never been a fan of Will Ferrell (especially with such duds like the Land of the Lost), but I have to say that I quite enjoyed his performance here. Meanwhile, Tina Fey (who plays damsel not-so-much in distress Roxanne) had never quite made any impression with me, with the only movie I remember her being is was the recent Date Night (with Steve Carell) was less irritating and was easy for viewers to relate to.
Of course, the story was extremely predictable and doesn't offer anything new, but that's not the point! It does not come close to the level of Up or Toy story where viewers are brought along am emotional roller coaster - making viewers laugh one moment and cry the other. It was a very enjoyable experience and I'm certain many would agree with me, regardless if you're a fan of the genre or not.
There were genuinely quite a number of funny moments, especially the homage to Marlon Brando's Godfather was hilarious!

So, go bring your kids, with your other half, buddies or just go on your own and enjoy the movie!
Rating: 6/10