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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comic Review - Dark Reign:The List - Avengers

Title/StorylineDark Reign - The List - Avengers
Publish Date/Year2009
Creative TeamBrian M. Bendis, Marko Djurdjevic & Mark Morales

The REAL Avengers, are now outlaws because Norman Osborn (whom Spider-Man fans already know is actually the demented Green Goblin), now heads HAMMER (formerly known as SHIELD) and is the current media darling of the day.

He begins to execute his plans to wipe out his enemies. Hence THE LIST. The list of things he plans to do to take out his opponents, starting with the Real Avengers.

Meanwhile, in the pages of New Avengers, Clint Barton, the real Hawkeye, had exposed Norman Osborn to be the Green Goblin to the public but it backfired due to Osborn’s spin-doctoring. Here, Barton (in the guise of Ronin) is still hell-bent on killing Osborn despite objections from his team-mates (vehemently so from Spidey!). It drives him to go it alone, with GUNS!

Within seconds of infiltrating the Avengers Tower, Venom gets taken out first. Followed by Bullseye, and then Daken (with an arrow thru his throat no less)!

He manages to reach Osborn but fails in his bid to kill him (of course, if not there’d be no further issues) as Ares was there to stop him.

ArtDjurdjevic is one of the BEST cover artists around today but in the pencil and inks arena, his gorgeous artwork had been overshadowed by the less refined ink-work of Morales

Additional CommentsThere were additional pages at the end of the issue previewing the other up-coming The List books – DD & X-Men.

From the preview pages, they look very promising. Good writing and equally commendable artwork from our home-boy Billy Tan (for DD) and Alan Davis (for X-Men).
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