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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Food Review - Opika Organic Market (1 Utama)

Opika Organic Market
Organic Cuisine

Getting There
Located within the 1-Utama Shopping Mall.
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There are ample parking bays within the 1-Utama Shopping Mall. As with most malls here in the Klang Valley, you just need a little patience in finding an available one.
Because this place also serves as organic food market, the dining area is rather limited and for some, it may make them feel cramped in. However, the place is well lit and clean making it very inviting for diners or casual shoppers at the organic shop.
1 nice and unique feature of this place was the kitchen that's visible to diners and shoppers alike, right smack in the middle of the restaurant. The kitchen is well-kept & clean. Diners might have a little bit of fun watching the kitchen staff do their magic.
As I like bright contrasting colors, I might be a little biased when I say the the bright contrasting colored walls gave the place its unique identity.  
Well, I'm not sure if I'm influenced by the hype but I did find that I quite enjoyed my food during my visits. I did find the food to be fresh & tasty.
Other than the one time when I ordered fish and they had overdone it thus making it a little too dry for my tastes, their food is generally quite well prepared and taste good.
They have ample choices for diners and even for the slightly fussier eaters as they have rice, chicken, beef, lamb and even fish items on the menu to accommodate even the pickiest eater. 

Personally, I found that even after having tried a few of their menu items, I would still gladly go back for a repeat visit for either menu items I have not yet tried or even go back for more of the same.
I may be biased towards this place but the food is served on white chine, which reinforces the healthy and clean image that is already in the diners minds the moment they step into the place, making almost impossible to resist sinking your teeth into the food that was just served to you.
Value For Money
Altho' I'm not a believer in the term "Organic Food", especially not in this country, but I truly believe they do serve you organic food here and they also remind diners of the percentage of the materials used in each menu item that's organic.
The prices altho' are not cheap but I think are very reasonable seeing as they are comparative to other cafes/bistros/restaurants of this category - ie: clean and located within a premier mall. Diners be prepared to spend about between RM25 - 45 per person for a meal. I also need to mention that the portions are reasonably large.  This is a good place to try if you've not tried dining in an "Organic" place before. You may find that you'd end up a believer.

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