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Friday, February 12, 2010

Food Review - Petaling Street Noodles

NamePetaling Street Noodles
Assam Laksa, Curry Noodles, Clear Soup Noodles
LocationPetaling Street (China Town) – adjacent to the fame Madras Lane

Getting there
Located in one of the side lanes tucked in the middle of the famous Petaling Street Night Market, diagonally across from the Swiss Inn Hotel.

ParkingParking spaces at the night market vicinity is scarce but there are many parking lots in either the buildings or open car-parks of the surrounding areas,

ServiceThe stall is manned by several elderly ladies and from time to time, an elderly man who I assume to be the spouse to one of them. The ladies are quick with their service even though they are elderly and serve approximately 15 tables that are usually packed.

AmbienceThe place has been around for much longer than many of you who may be reading this and hence the ambience reflects the age. For a place that old, although not under direct sunlight but exposed as it is, one can expect the place to be pretty run down and is not a place to be bringing your foreign guests for a meal unless they are fairly adventurous.

“Clean” would not be a good word to describe the place as it has not been well maintained and one would not be surprised if a cat sized rat were seen to be running around. However, I HAVE SEEN foreigners eating there and they had to take pictures of their culinary adventure there (elements of Fear Factor?)!
TasteAdmittedly, the way the whole place looks doesn’t really encourage or entice you to eat there but if you were to close your eyes and smell the food, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Trust your olfactory senses because the food really is good!

Each table comes with 2 metal containers – one has the prawn paste (for the Assam Laksa) and the other has the sambal/chili paste (for the other noodles).
Served in the standard pasar malam* hawker colored 6” bowls.

* Night Market

VarietyThe serve Assam Laksa, Curry Noodles, Clear Soup Noodles and Dry Noodles. Customers may choose from all the varieties of noodles from the standard Yellow Mee, Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow to the less common Loh Shue Fun & Lai Fun. Customers have the option to customize their order with additional items like:
- Fu Jok
- Fish Balls
- Pork Balls
- Fish chunks (from the Assam Laksa)

Value for MoneyAt only RM4 per small bowl and RM4.50 for large, the food here is really good value.

OverallGet your tissues ready for a face full of sweat after a satisfying meal! Good tasty food at good prices if you don’t mind sitting at a table at a side lane of an old street.

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