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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Review - Jun Kee Restaurant

Getting there
Located within the commercial area of Taman Midah. The restaurant is right next to an Open Air Car-Park along the shops facing away from the main road.


There is ample parking spaces along the road or at the parking lot mentioned earlier.

Service is prompt and hassle-free. Just the right level of service for those who don’t want the fuss or attention, but for those who want to be pampered by the restaurant staff, this is not the place for it.

Diners are even given snacks (salted peanuts) while waiting for the food to be served.

The restaurant has done well over the years, graduating from a single-level operations at another shop-lot within Taman Midah a few years earlier, to a 2-level quad shop-lot that it is now! The entire place is now air-conditioned, brightly lit and very clean.

Diners would feel very comfortable with the ambience although they have not invested more to turn it into a high-end fine-dining type of place (but they do have nice chandeliers adorning the upper level dining area). This would also be a good place to introduce foreign friends to local Chinese cuisine as they too would feel comfortable and have no qualms eating here.

Of course, this would depend on the type of dishes ordered but overall, they deliver pretty good taste from almost anything that you might order from their menu. You might also want to check with their MaĆ®tre d' for their recommendations.

You may notice that the seafood are fresh as they have aquariums on the ground floor as you walk towards the entrance.

They have a white theme for the restaurant which works very well. The tables are all covered in white linen while all the food is presented on white china, from food dishes, to tea cups. This adds to its ambience of being very much like a fine dining establishment. Very nicely done.

The chopsticks also have a very classy embedded metal piece with embossed Chinese characters on them.
There are so many items on their menu that despite having been there several times, I have yet to make a dent into the number of dishes that they actually serve. Too many good items to choose from.

Value for Money
It’s fairly priced for the ambience and taste. Just to give you a clearer picture, they provide MUCH BETTER value than Esquire Kitchen. The last time we ate there, we had garoupa (and pomfret on another occassion), pork ribs, house specialty tofu, fried lotus root, egg noodles, calamari with salted egg & bitter-gourd with salted egg. The bill came to about RM240.


Good taste, good variety, nice ambience & at good value! I have no reservations in recommending that you give it a try and see what the fuss about this place is all about.

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