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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Other Bits - My Korea Trip

The following are snippets of my recent trip to Seoul, Korea. They have been grouped by their respective locations. Enjoy...

The Seoul Animation Center

The Korea House

Namdaemun (Great South Gate)
Kinda like our very own Chinatown where hawkers and stalls are strewn on either side of the streets.
And...some stuff that we won't see in our Chinatown. I believe they're marinated bugs.
Now, this I can do with more... =)

Shinsegae - Korea's very own Premier Shopping experience. Think of it as their version of Pavillion

Trinity - one of Shinsegae's exclusive brands.

Cheonggye-Cheon (Cheonggye Stream)
Located in the heart of Seoul, the 8.4km stream cuts across the city from west to east. It looks equally stunning in the day as in the night. Excellent for photos.

The iconic Dancing Fountain on Banpo Bridge (along the Han River)
The Myeong Dong Theatre in the heart of..., where else, but Myeong Dong?

Seoul National Museum
You could literally spend the entire day here as there are 4 floors of artifacts and on each floor, there are 2 wings. Each wing has 4 sections and runs for about 750 m each wing.

Deoksugung Palace

The National War Museum (at Yongsan)
It has many of the war vehicles & planes on display. A great place to visit as seeing the real tanks & planes is a totally different experience from what you see from pictures. The sheer size and magnificence can't be well represented unless you see them with your own eyes.

This is one of literally dozens of plaques that record the names of those who had died fighting the wars in Korea.

Samziegil - cultural/handicraft/shopping centre in Insadong.
On one of the balconies, you can see these cute critters grazing...

National Museum

National Folk Museum of Korea (located in Gyeongbokgung Palace)
The exit at Anguk Station of Line 3 is the best & closest location to the Folk Museum.

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