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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Characters from a demented mind

I was watching Captain America the First Avenger the other day and I was just thinking how cool it would be to see the Red Skull's right hand-man, Dr Arnim Zola appear on screen as the super-villain. He would seriously be a visual nightmare!

That led me to thinking about other Marvel characters that are as nightmarish, if not more so. I will do a DC version another day. Here are some of the most visually disturbing characters from the Marvel Universe.

Mojo (one of X-Men's foes)

Altho' he looks really disgusting and deadly (Who's thinking of Jabba the Hut?), I think he's one of the lamer X-Villains around. Which explains whjy we don't really see much demand for his appearances. After all, he's just a greedy and over-weight entertainment profiteer from another world.
MODOK (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing, seriously)
He started off as one of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics)'s scientists but he had been "promoted" so that he could serve them better as a giant deformed floating head of death! A constant thorn at Capt America & Hulk's respective sides. Sadly, he couldn't garner any respect as a villain!
The one who started me thinking about all the guys in this post - Dr Arnim Zola. In the movie, he's the cute & chubby bespectacled right-hand man to the Red Skull, but here we see him in all his awesome nightmarish glory!
The Leader, one of Hulk's nemeses, may not appear scary on paper but put him on the big screen and you can picture his throbbing green head with his head veins about to pop and that's as nightmarish as it gets.

Jigsaw, one of Punisher's playmates. You can say he's kind of Marvel's version of 2-face. I say that because he has a face only his mother and henchmen/moll could love. He was, in fact, the villain in the 2008 Punisher: War Zone movie (that, thankfully, I haven't yet watched, as I hear it's quite bad.).
The DemoGoblin was introduced during one of Spiderman's most convoluted periods - the 90's, when the Clone Saga was running rampant. He is a demonized version of one of my favourite Spidey villains - the Hobgoblin. He looks pretty interesting, agree?
I first came across the Bi-Beast in Mighty Thor 315 & 316 (1982) and have since loved this 2-headed yellow monstrosity! This guy can go toe-to-toe with the strongest guys in the Marvel U - Hulk & Thor. I am not sure why he hasn't appeared in more books than he has so far. He has my vote.
One of Apocalypse's bio-geneticists, this nightmare came from the Age of Apocalypse Universe and has been plaguing the New Mutants ever since.

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