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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Comic Review - Powerful in Pink (Marvel)

You'd think that when creative teams created these characters, the color Pink would be the last color one would pick right? Well, if you do, then you need to think again!

Here is a selection of Marvel characters (we will do the DC guys another day) that sport the color Pink (or in some cases Purple, which is a close enough cousin of dear ol' Pink.).

We start with one of Fantastic Four's major villains - the ruler of the Negative Zone - Annihilus
Another 2 from the Fantastic Four's rogues gallery - 2 members of the Frightful Four.
The Wizard - who fancies himself to be Reed's intellectual equal.

The Trapster (who used to be called Paste Pot Pete!)

Now we move on to the X-Men's foes. The first one is a Killer Robot from the future called Nimrod.

X-Men fans would no doubt recognize the Sentinel killer robots (who also made a brief appearance in the movie X-Men 3 - in the Danger Room sequence.) brought to life by Bolivar Trask.
Meanwhile, back to more of Fantastic Four's villains. A villainous version of the FF (in fact, they were trying to replicate the process by exposing themselves to cosmic rays and became the U-Foes!)

Their youngest member, Human Torch's counter-part - X-Ray
And who doesn't know the planet-eater Galactus (who also happen to have made an appearance in the Fantastic Four 2 movie, but as a death cloud from space...sigh)?
1 more FF villain - Diablo. As he dabbles in Alchemy (which is kind of like magic), his encounters with FF are always interesting as the FF are science-based heroes.
The Super Skrull - another FF old foe, who ended up being a hero during the Annihilation Wave when the forces of Annihilus (see above) from the Negative Zone threatened the Positive Universe.
More of FF's villains. Here, we have the Hate Monger!
We now move to Captain America's rogues. First, we have Diamondback. I'm unsure as I don't really read Capt America but I think at some point, she turned good.
1 of Cap's arch-nemeses (besides the Red Skull) is the Baron Zemo. The 1st Baron had died some time ago (because he too, like Cap, was from the WWII era) and the mantle has now been passed on to his son.
Now we move on to the heroes. First, we have Machine Man (aka X-51 or Aaron Stack). I really like this character and am sad that he is not as popular as he potentially could be.

Drax the Destroyer. He was created to destroy (Yup, hence his name...), get this, THANOS! I'm not sure if the creators were clear about how powerful Thanos is or how powerful they wanted Drax to be. Anyway, this is the original look. Marvel has changed his looks to suit the modern readers and had recently been part of the new Guardians of the Galaxy. 
We then have members of the Avengers.
First, we have the Scarlet Witch. As I had said earlier, she should be in the next Avengers movie!

Hawkeye. 'nuff said!

And then we have the Cajun scoundrel, X-Men's very own bad boy whom everyone loves - Remy Lebeau aka Gambit.

Lastly, back when Prof X first set-up the New Mutants as a junior group of X-Men in training, Emma Frost (who was still a villain then) also had her own group of mutants in training - the Hellions.

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