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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Food Review - Baba Low's

Baba Low's 

Baba/Nyonya Cuisine

Getting There
The best way to get there is to take note of a couple of major landmarks. The most notable 1 would be the NSTP (New Straits Times Press) Building at the corner of Jalan Bangsar & Jalan Riong.

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Tucked away in a remote corner of Bangsar, coming here brought me back to the nostalgic feel of the yester-years. Except for the number plates on cars, this place looks like time had somehow stood still here.
As the shop is located on a tiny 1-way street, despite having parking bays along it, there aren’t many. However, right in front of the shop is a tiny community field. Diners can park their cars along the roadside if doing so doesn’t obstruct traffic flow.
Baba Low’s is a quaint little place that brings back nostalgia from the 60’s/70’s because it has bits that reminded me of the old world charm. It seems to be a family-run type of establishment instead of the big-budget franchises that have no soul, that are usually found in malls. This place hasn’t really

When you’re sitting in there enjoying your Baba/Nyonya fare, you’d hardly think you’re still in the Klang Valley. 
Served in dainty little bowls that has painted sides typical of the uniquely 60’s Malaysian/ Malaccan Straits heritage designs. These are quite common in Melaka (Malacca) even today but in KL, they scarcely can be found.
They have a few sections to their menu and despite not being a very extensive menu, they have enough items to warrant repeat visits.
  • Satae-Satae (not to be confused with Satay or Sate aka BBQ meat skewers, another Malaysian favorite)
  • Otak-Otak
  • Chicken Pongtae
  • Cendol, the All-Time favorite of MalaysiansTaste
I was floored when I ordered the Nyonya Laksa the 1st time I was there. It was 1 of the best I ever had in a very long while. So of course, I could be biased as I had not had a Nyonya Laksa in quite a while.The 2nd time I went back there, I wanted to have the Nyonya Laksa again but the item was sold out! Apparently, many who dine there know of this little gem and I surmise it must be 1 of their top selling items. So, predictably, when I went there for my 3rd visit, I had to have the Nyonya Laksa. I managed to get it but this time around, I felt that the flavour and taste was a little less intense compared my previous visit.Still, having said that, it is still by far, 1 of the best I’ve ever had in the Klang Valley.  Value For Money
The items are not expensive as each dish is less than RM10. However, the portions are really small. I could easily wallop 3-4 menu items with ease. So it you’re there with your family members, be prepared to have a table full of items! Even if you’re there with a date, be prepared for 4-6 items on your table.

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