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Friday, May 9, 2014

My Personal Favorites - Cosplay

As a geek, you'd somehow but definitely bump into this phenomenon called (sometimes very affectionately) Cosplay (Costume Play for the uninitiated). These are some of the best cosplay images I have come across. Enjoy!

We start off with an excellent Baroness (& Snake-Eyes) by one of the hottest cosplayers I've seen.

Here are a couple from Captain America:
Crossbones (This is how he'd look in the next Captain America movie hopefully)

Baron Zemo

Diamondback from the Serpent Society.
I like this one a lot. Everyone who reads Spider-Man would know this guy is Venom!
These are characters from Thor's Rogues Gallery (from left): The Executioner, The Enchantress & Loki (OK, this version is trumped by the movie version.)
Now who doesn't recognize Wonder Woman (soon to be in the same Justice League movie as Superman & Batman in 2016/17)
Two stalwart Justice League members - Black Canary & Green Arrow
This is Madame Masque, from Iron Man. No doubt, one of Tony Stark's spurned 1-night stands turned vengeful villain.

These are from Batman's Rogues Gallery & Allies:
HuntressThe Riddler Catwoman 
Joker's Apprentice - Harlequin
Namor's Niece - Namorita (a New Warrior)
Last but not least would be the Avengers & X-Men members:
Black Widow
Ms Marvel
Mockingbird & Ronin
X-Men's Psylocke

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