Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Other Bits - My Japan Trip - Pt 1

Here is my 1st post on my trip to Tokyo. Japan. I'm experimenting with the format so I'll be going a little thematic for my Japan posts. So for this post, I will go with the following:
- Really fabulously Hi-Tech (some may even say Space-Age) public toilets
- Krazy Kit-Kats that can only be found in Japan
- Japanese versions of brands/logos we know
- Weird, wonderful and sometimes cute stuff the Japanese put in front of their businesses 
- Lost in translation? What do they mean? 
- The size of the things found in Japan are not what we're used to!

First off, let's take a look at their public (yes, PUBLIC!) toilets. Not only are they SUPER CLEAN but most of them are SUPER HI-TECHThese are just a few examples of them. My 1st encounter with them was at the Haneda Airport. As a traveler, I think you'd understand that after a long night flight, the first thing you'd want to do once you land is to go to the bathroom and let it all out.
 Let's just say, my experience was SOOOOO GOOD at Haneda Airport that I could've sat there for quite a long while.Then of course, as we leave the airport, we're inundated with a slew of Duty Free Shops that are so enticing and the 1st thing that caught my eye were the Kit-Kats. They're really different. Check them out!
I am sure Kit-Katters will go Krazy with the variety they have here. I mean, they include flavors like 
  • Sake
  • Rock-Melon
  • Wasabi
  • Dark-Strawberry
  • and some others that I can't even begin to guess as I can't read JapaneseThe next thing is that I have noticed that there are a number of brands/names that I recognise but the logo looks totally different. So I can't really say if they are totally different businesses that happen to have the same name or if they are merely the Japanese version of that brand/name. Anyway, here are a couple of them As you go through the city, you will notice that the Japanese like to put some really weird but usually cute things in front of their Brick & Mortar shops. Just check out the KFC chicken above. In case you're wondering, the guy in blue above is not a real person.The Samurai below is a real person. The one after it is the front of the Robot Cafe in Shinjuku.
This one is neither cute nor weird but it has a really beautiful piece of sliced timber as part of their signage.
And then there is this one... matter how I tried to understand it, I can't wrap my head around what on earth "...shops open until 28:00..." mean. 
OK - to close off this post, I have these pictures of things that are in sizes that are really amazingly humongous or uncannily small.
 1st, these apples are HUGE! Of course, we can also get apples of this size in Malaysia as well but they'd pretty much cost an arm and a leg I guess? Say RM 7-15 a piece? But we managed to get them at around 100 yen (approx RM4) a piece in various parts of Tokyo.
In contrast, I accidentally came across these really small and dainty apples. They are so small that they look like large strawberries.
Check out the seafood. The oyster I was holding was almost as big as my ENTIRE PALM! So we're talking about the oyster flesh being 2.5-3 inches each! Also look at the scallops. The picture says it best.

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