Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Movie Review (Not) - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will start to play this coming weekend in the local cinemas.
I have to say that I did enjoy watching the Wonder Woman trailers and am very excited to watch the movie itself as the trailers did exhibit the following:

  • Great action scenes
  • Greek/Amazonian Mythology
  • Humor - I really loved the Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) trailer scene - "I'm not opposed to engaging in a bit of fisticuffs should the occasion arise." 
  • Potential Romance between Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Diana
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Wonder Woman's costume is among the most accurate & faithful to the comics version than any other big screen super-heroes (except for maybe Deadpool)
 However, having said that, I do have my reservations because. I think if there's any chance of it being screwed up, it might be due to this - the film has been placed during the WW1 era. Yeah, I think that is not that great an idea. Let's hope I'm wrong about it. I want to see Wonder Woman succeed as a movie because it will open up a brand new whole other Cinematic Universe for the DC characters. Which fanboy geek wouldn't want that?

I foresee Wonder Woman to be a major game changer to the Super-Hero movie genre if they do not screw it up. This is because DC beat Marvel to the chase in having a full feature film with a Female Lead Character. For the longest time, viewers and fanboys are saying DC will not have any chance in catching up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they have had success after success. Wonder Woman may just change all of that!

3 more days to go...

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Leslie said...

I went to Singapore for business trip on last Wed. When I walked around Bugis Junction nearby my hotel, I saw many people queuing up in front of the cinema in the mall. Obviously the queued was for Wonder Woman. The crowd and the advertisement in front of the cinema really tempted me to follow the queue even though I need to pay triple for the ticket due to the weak ringgit.
Review as below.
Story line:
I really like the movie a lot. Overall it is a great movie. But they are two points that I don’t like much. Firstly, I believe the director is trying hard to explain how Wonder Woman background was, but some of the dialogs I think are a bit too long. Secondly, the story was related to World War 1, but I still prefer it to be in modern world. Again may be the director is trying prolong the story like Captain American in order to let the audience to enjoy more Wonder Woman movies in coming years. The action scenes are great, but I think they should emphasis more on the actions. Especially her shield, it should be more powerful. To me, the actions scenes are not enough.
As for her enemy (Ares), I think the director should look for a younger and muscular guy to play this role. To me, the fight scene between Wonder Woman and Ares are not enough and not as interesting as Marvel’s action super heroes fighting scenes. Moreover, Ares is too powerful in the beginning and end up losing to Wonder Woman without much persuasiveness.
Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
I think she is stylish, intelligent and tall and also looks pretty sexy. She has a bit of Angelina Jolie feel. Among all the actresses who took up this character, I think Gal Gadot is the best. I think she really pay a lot of this character and really trained up well. Hopefully she still can take up this role for another few more Wonder Woman movies as currently she is expecting for 2nd child.
To sum up with, I think this movie will be another top ranking profitable movie in the box office. For my score, I will give 8 out 10 for the movie and 9.5/10 for Gal Godot as Wonder Woman.