Monday, August 19, 2019

My Personal Favorite...Social Media Items

As a WhatsApp (or any of its equivalent like WeChat, etc) User, I'm sure you would, like me. have literally thousands of images shared by your friends, family and colleagues via the app. For me, I would delete them as soon as I can. Rarely would I keep them in my phone unless they really made me laugh or think. 
Anyway, here are a few of them that I particularly like (and may have sent to you as well).

I had some of my friends who received these images from me asking me what's so funny about some of them.

OK, it's like this - if someone has to EXPLAIN a joke to you (only exception is if you're a kid), then it will no longer be funny!!!

This one is not from Whats App but is an actual screen display from an Auto Pay Machine somewhere in KL after my event. 
Here are some of the nice looking pens that I have collected over the years from various places. However, they have outlived their usefulness (ie: no more ink).. Hence, time to dispose of them. 


Unknown said...

What happened to the food reviews?

JM Loke said...

Thanks for your comment. My apologies for the late reply. I have neglected the food reviews for a bit now as I thought there were so many other food review blogs out there but I will get back to food every once in a while moving forward.

Thanks again for your question.