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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food Review - Hoagies @ Sooka Sentral

Hoagies @ Sooka Sentral
Sooka Sentral

Getting There
Situated on the ground floor of Sooka Sentral (which is a peculiar looking building located right next to the KL transport hub KL Sentral & the Hilton KL). You can’t miss it as it is at a prominent corner facing the Star Anise CafĂ© and the main escalators.

Ample parking is available at the Sooka Sentral area buildings or the open-air car-park right outside Sooka Sentral itself.

Set up like a fast food joint (but in truth, they serve the food to you instead of self-service), it has a modern sleek and clean look but the lighting is relatively softer than a typical fast food joint, giving it a classier feel missing from burger joints.

The staff is very friendly and helpful although some of them are non-Malaysians.

Firstly, for those unfamiliar with the term Hoagies, you may replace the word with submarine sandwich or hero sandwich. They Hoagies taste REALLY GOOD (but of course this only applies to people who love all forms of breads)! But, Non-Lovers of breads fear not, they also offer rice and noodle dishes with the same flavors (or so they tell me)!

The chicken used is always tender and blend well with the sauces they offer. Together, they create a tantalizing burst of flavours and textures regardless if you are trying the hoagies or the rice.

The Quadro Coffee is to die for! It’s a much cooler variation of the tri-color coffee/tea available at some coffee shops as it has an additional layer of froth (on top of the coffee, milk & Gula Melaka) that makes it ALMOST impossible to resist diving in immediately!

Served in dainty looking baskets lined with a customized Hoagies waxed paper regardless if you order the Hoagies or rice dishes, the presentation makes you want to dive in for the food the moment it is served. Nice.

As for the drinks, well, something must be said about the human psyche that when we see a beverage that comes in multiple layers of colors, somehow we want to quickly stir it up and see what other colors would appear next!

There are quite a number of items on the menu and for first-timers, you might be at a loss as to the items to order. However, they wait staff would be able to help you decide as they are friendly and helpful. There are hoagies, rice and even noodle dishes. They come in various flavors such as:
- Thai Spice
- Barcelona (or Buttermilk)
- Napoleon
- Spicy Garlic
- Portuguese

I would recommend the ones we tried – Barcelona (rich, creamy and slightly sweet), Thai (Sweet & Sour) & Portuguese (rich, creamy, slightly sweet & tangy) flavors.

Value For Money
The food is priced at the fast food category price points. Which makes it very affordable.

It's a refreshing alternative for those who want something quick & fuss-free but don't want to go back to the typical burger joint for the Value Meals.

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