Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Review - Peel Road Char Siew Rice

Peel Road Char Siew Rice (Lunch Only; Closed on Thursdays)
Char Siew, Chicken, Siew Yoke
Peel Road, Cheras (Beside the Shell Station)

Getting there
You need to locate the prominent landmarks there, namely:- Carrefour at Peel Road- Shell Station at Peel Road/Jalan Shelly Traffic Light Junction- Queen’s Park
Once you have located any of these landmarks, you can then proceed to look for the stall situated within an old ramshackle hut with aluminum roof that is facing Queen’s Park
Parking is a breeze as Carrefour and the road-side parking bays offer free parking or you may opt to perk at the Queen’s Park across the street.

As is typical for these Chinese rice stalls, you may go to the stall to place your orders. However, because they also serve other dishes such as steamed fish head and Pork Trotters in Vinegar (Chue Keok Cho), they also take orders at the table when they are not overwhelmed with customers who are waiting for their take-away orders. Be prepared to wait as sometimes, you may need to wait for the food.

Similar to most of the eateries along Peel Road, the place is old and run down! The plastic tables and chairs are rather new, so that helps.

Although there are quite a few places reputed to have good Char Siew (such as the ones at Tengkat Tong Shin & Section 17, PJ), this one is not the best BUT is still pretty good! They use the choice marbled pork loin parts for their Char Siew (that’s prepared freash daily from the back of the hut) and when you sit in proximity, the aroma tempting is enough to shatter a vegetarian’s resolve to abstain from meat!

You are advised to arrive early – preferably before 12.00-12.30pm to avoid disappointment. Previously, I had many disappointing visits as they had already finished their food even before I could sit down. However, lately, I think they have started to prepare more food to cater to the demand as I had been able to eat there several times recently.

Mention must also be made for the chili sauce that MUST go with the meal. It has a zesty tang combined with a subtle sweetness that makes going for a second helping a delight.

The food is served on colored plastic-ware, quite standard for fare of this type but no less appetizing.
Besides the standard items such as Chicken, Char Siew, Siew Yoke, they also offer steamed fish head, braised chicken feet and pork trotters in vinegar.
Value for Money
Pretty reasonable at standard prices of under RM5 per plate of rice with no frills added.
Really good food here, as the crowds and waiting time can attest. If you have not tried the food here, I suggest you give it a go! You will come back for more.

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