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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review - Toy Story 3

Movie Title
Toy Story 3

Andy turns 18 and is preparing to leave home for college, leaving his loyal toys thinking that their time with him was over, as several of Andy's other toys, including Bo Peep and Wheezy, had been sold in garage sales.
While Andy was packing for college, as he ran out of boxes, he put his toys (all except Woody as he planned to bring Woody with him to college) in a trash bag to be kept up in the attic, but his mom takes his trash bag (with Buzz & gang) out for disposal by mistake. Altho they escaped the garbage truck, but their escape got them being donated to the Sunnyside Daycare Centre where lots of other discarded toys reside. Buzz and gang made no atempt to return as they had thought Andy had grown up and didn't want them anymore. Here, viewers are introduced to a whole bunch of new toys and kids will have a blast meeting them. However, parents beware as I'm sure your kids will ask you their names - so get to know them here!

Andy's toys receive a warm welcome from the other toys at Sunnyside and they seemed to be very happy with their lives there as they are constantly being played with by children. Woody reluctantly leaves the Buzz & gang at Sunnyside as he knew Andy wanted to bring Woody with him to college. However, once Andy's toys experience playtime at Sunnyside, they knew they had made a wrong decision in leaving Andy.
The Sunnyside toys are led by leader Lotso (a cute strawberry-scented pink Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear) and run with an iron fist like a sinister syndicate or a high-security prison. Lotso and hsi toys even managed to reset Buzz from "Play" to "Demo" mode where he served Lotso as his security muscle.

Woody soon learns of the dire plight of his friends and decides it's up to him to get back into Sunnyside to save his friends.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the gang have gotten so good with their chracters (plus the audiences have also taken to them as old friends) that they really shine. Their performances are seamless and seem no natural. Hence, it does not tane away from the viewing pleasure (unlike some other animated features whose characters sound really contrived & annoying !)

Most memorable moment(s)
1 - When Woody saves his friends and accidentally sets Buzz onSpanish mode! Buzz does the Paso Doble while wooing Jessie, who by the end of the movie becomes complete putty to Buzz's smooth moves!
2 - When Ken does a fashion show (with a wardrobe of clothes so impressive that it'b rival that of any Hollywood Diva) to impress Barbie.
It's cliched but I'll say it - Great entertainment for the whole family!
Be sure to enter the theatre on time as there is an additional short animated feature called "Day & Night" (not to be confused with the Tom Cruise/Caremon Diaz film "Day & Knight") before the main feature that is not only extremely entertaining but takes animation beyond what we've seen before. No it's not new technology but just how being innovative and imaginative can break new grounds! So be sure to be at your seats on time!
Toy Story 3 is by far the BEST ANIMATED movie for 2010 hands down (Yes, beating even Shrek 4)! It's funny, heart wrenching (Andy's struggle to hold on to his childhood memories vs letting go & growing up), suspenseful (the fate of the toys) and gives audiences the warm fuzzy feeling! MUST WATCH!
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