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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Review - Foh San (Ipoh)

Foh San (Dim Sum) Restaurant
Dim Sum 

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Getting There
The new restaurant is located just behind one of Ipoh's oldest hotels - the Excelsior and almost directly opposite its competitor - Ming Court Dim Sum.

This new restaurant is located in the heart of Ipoh New Town (as opposed to the Old Town made famous by the Ipoh White Coffee in,...where else but Ipoh Old Town!)

As this is an amped up, newer, hence, younger & sexier version of the iconic Ipoh Dim Sum place, this 2-storey restaurant has an ambience of an upscale dining place uncommon in a laid back city like Ipoh! If you were not aware of it, one might not know by looking at the photos here that this was in Ipoh.

The place is well maintained and kept very clean. A great place to dine or bring friends for some Dim Sum or Chinese food.
Their Dim Sum is served in 2 ways. Diners can either wait for the Mobile Dim Sum cart to come by the table where you can pick and choose from the dozens of Dim Sum goodies or go directly to the Dim Sum preparation area near the entrances or main foyer of either level. 

Taste-wise, it's not bad but ain't great either. However, the history and nostalgia will add to the overall experience of diners. 
There are literally dozens of types of Dim Sum served from different Dim Sum categories including:
- Steamed
- Fried
- Braised
- Congee/Porridge
- YTF (Yong Tau Foo)

They range from the standard and familiar Char Siew Pau & Siew Mai to some that are either house specialty like the Scallop Dumpling, Century Egg Siew Mai, Nam Yee Pau & Phoenix Bun, just to name a few (very interesting name - esp for Comic Fanboys...=)  )

Food prices in Ipoh has been slowly but surely been creeping up to KL levels and catching up with their Klang Valley counterparts. However, they are still slightly lower than KL prices with prices ranging from RM3 - RM7 per item.

For decades, they used to be at an old Colonial-style building diagonally across where Lou Wong is located. Apparently, their leasing arrangement with the building owner expired and the owner decided put the building to other uses (It is now a Purple Cane outlet)

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