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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comic Review - Ultimate Thor 1-4

Ultimate Thor 1-4

Publish Date/Year

Creative Team
Story: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Carlos Pacheco


Just catching up on my dose of Thor stories before hitting the big screen for his vey first movie (with the Destroyer and a black Heimdall, no less{...what the...!? 'Tis the age of politically correct inclusiveness, even in Asgard!})!

I loved how this mini series was done - 3 separate stories from 3 different times in Thor's life but to totally connected in the way it was told that it seemed just perfect!

Ancient Asgard
We learn that before Mjolnir was created, Odin's 3 sons - Balder, Thor & Loki, were the greatest defenders of the eternal realm against their enemies such as the Frost Giants. They also referred to themselves as the Warriors Three. The Frost Giants attack Asgard again and again until Odin finally decided that they needed to achieve a final and total victory over their enemies and hence the creation of Mjolnir, which along with a box of Norn Stones, embody all of Asgard's power!

Long time fans know that Loki is only a half-brother to Thor & Balder as his mother is married to a Frost Giant. After Asgard's victory over all their enemies, Loki's mother had also become a captive of Asgard. As God of Chaos, Loki stole the Norn stones from Odin's chambers but was discovered by Balder. In an unexpected act of defiance, Loki killed Balder in Odin's chambers!

When Odin finally discovers all that had happened, Loki was banished to the Room with No Doors for all eternity - a fate, purportedly worse than death!

Baron Zemo had somehow managed to acquire the box of Norn Stones that could ensure victory for the Nazis in WWII. These Norn Stones, when placed in the correct Access Points, would enable the wielder to gain access to the 9 Realms - including Asgard!

The Europeanm Union is also developing their own version of the Super Soldier with James Braddock (Brian & Betsy's, or better known as Capt Britain & Psylocke's dad) heading thr programme. Their top candidate is none other than Thorlief Golmen - teh reincarnation of Thor on Earth! This segment ties-in with the 2 other segments and brings leads right into the classic Ultimates Volume 1 series where we see Nick Fury putting together the right members for their 1st mission where the team tackles the Hulk!
What more can I say about carlos Pacheco's Art besides that it's absolutely beautiful! Dexter Vine's inking complements his style very well - delivering very fine and detailed renditions in almost every panel. 

Great story with even more fantastic artwork that sheds light on so much Ultimate Universe lore that brings about much awe and wonder to the Ultimate Universe. Altho' I still maintain that a cover price of USD3.99 per issue is steep, for this series, I'd let it slide! 

Recommended! A MUST for all Ultimate Universe fans!

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