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Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Really Good Comic Related Stuff - some of my artwork

I was digitizing some of the artwork that I had done in the past 'coz the older ones are beginning to turn yellow and brittle =(.

This piece was done back in the 80's and this was published in the Star Paper (which is where this cut-out was from coz back then, there was no scanning tech and the original piece was submitted)

This piece I did in the 80's was an unsolicited submission to a B&W Singaporean comic fanzine (much like the Wizard Mag) called the BIG-O ("Before I Get Old" in full - anyone remember that mag?)

This is the most recent piece that I had done in 2007 in conjunction with Michael Bay's Transformers movie. It was for a design a Transformer contest. This was the 1st runner up winning entry.


cleong2 said...

Can tell the John Byrne influence from a mile away!

-chee leong

JM Loke said...

Yeah, if you're old enough to know who John Byrne is ;).

The readers today would probably only know names like Jim Lee, Coipel, Ross, Djurjevic, etc.