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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Food Review - Tang Pin Kitchen

Tang Pin Kitchen - SS2
Chinese Street Food
Getting there
If you are coming from the BAT side, just keep heading in the direction of the Durian Stalls at the corner of the traffic lights. Just go slightly further beyond to the 2nd set of traffic lights. It's located at the cluster of shops on the left & diagonally across from the Petron (or what is used to be known as Mobil) Station.
There are lots of public parking right in front of the shops (provided you can find a vacant lot). Or, you can try  to look for one on the other side of the street (ie: the side with the houses)

It's a typical small sized eatery (seating capacity of about 70) catering to the young and young at heart and those who crave the simple Chinese Street Food but would not want to brave the sights, sounds & scents of back-alley ways, uncovered drains and rats.

This place is clean, brightly lit and air-conditioned (inner section).
For this type of food, I will say that the presentation is pretty good.The food is served in Chinese-Style decorated plastic bowls and plates.

The only problem I had was with the chop-sticks and spoons. It looks as though the restaurant staff had neglected to properly clean them as there are stains on almost ALL of them. I literally had to go through almost 20 chop-sticks before I found a pair that I could tolerate. Same thing with the spoons.
The food is tasty, although I cannot say if it's free from taste enhancements. But honestly, these days, most people don't really care as long as the food tastes good. And I must say the food here tastes good =)

Strangely, having a very Chinese image & Branding, there wasn't a single Chinese Staff member at the restaurant at all. I had difficulty getting my order processed because they could not really understand me when I spoke English or Chinese. I had to use my hands a lot and point.

However, having said that, they are quite responsive to customers.
I have to say, despite a relatively simple menu (only 4 pages) but it was pretty good. It had enough choices that had enough variation to warrant a subsequent visit. For example, as a main item, there are items from Fish Noodles to Fried Porridge to Curry Mee.

And for add-ons, they items are pretty varied too. For instance, they have Hock Chew Balls (Fish Balls stuffed with pork) to Yam Cake and fried Chue Cheong Fun.

As for the drinks, they offer the usual suspects from the Tong Sui range - Black Glutinous Rice (Hak Lor Mai) to Barley Fu Chok and the standard Coffee, Tea, Soya Milk, etc.

Value For Money
The prices are pretty reasonable and can be even compared with street stall prices. But here, you have a fairly nice place to sit down for some Chinese styled Tapas with friends or family without causing a dent to your wallet.

Above average fare at very affordable prices but in a clean and cozy environment. I think that's a winning combination that explains why the place is usually packed, especially on weekends.

Give it a try, it may even bring you back some nostalgia of the good times from that small town you grew up in.

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