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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Movie Review (Not) - Guardians of the Galaxy (Teaser Images)

I really enjoyed reading Guardians of the Galaxy and here's my review of it a few years back.

Here are a few concept art pieces for the up-coming movie. Enjoy.
The entire team. Individual members' images at the bottom of this post. (from left: Drax, Groot, Starlord, Rocket & Gamora)
Here we get to see concept art that includes Rocket, Drax the Destroyer & GrootIron Man (???) with Drax ?
A Rocket solo piece.
The Guardians' ship.
Here we get to see Starlord's helmet and gear. Also, look at the symbol on the 2 guards' uniforms - it's the same symbol as on Nova's (see images below).
Here are a couple of Nova images for your reference. 

More images of the individual members of the Guardians. 

Rocket & Groot
Groot Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.Drax, the guy who was made to destroy Thanos (Yup, read that again - made to destroy Thanos)

Starlord, the leader.

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