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Monday, November 25, 2013

Food Review - Celsius Restaurant & Bar

Celsius Restaurant & Bar
Western/Fusion Cuisine
Fahrenheit 88 (Bukit Bintang)
Getting there
Located in the heart of the KL Golden Triangle facing the Pavillion. You can't really miss it. It's right at Fahrenheit 88's back entrance facing away from the Pavillion.
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There are lots of parking options available to shoppers/diners alike in the vicinity of the mall, including street, mall & valet parking. 

As this place is a club/bar, the ambience & decor of the place really made it quite stunning visually. There is a centre piece right at the entrance behind the bar which looks like a giant mushroom (hmmmm, subliminal programming for getting high...?) that keeps changing color.

The place is rather dark for photography and the music was kind of loud for merely food. So be prepared for some dance-floor acti
on after your meal. Yup, there is a dance-floor.

I just thought that piece alone gave this place its identity! I love it.
Bearing in mind that the main focus of this place is not so much the food but more on the beverage (especially the alcoholic variety), we kind of knew what we were getting into when we came here for a try. Unfortunately, despite having quite a number of food items and variety on the menu, most of them were not available when we went there.

Of course, this being a bar, it must have its selection of alcoholic drinks. Hence, there is an area where customers can pick their poisons.
Although the staff were polite, they seem to be rather busy with getting the place ready for the club-goers than serving diners like us.
Just for variety, we ordered the fish and the lamb items. The food was presented on large leaf-shaped white china, which made the food look all the more enticing.

Of course, the drinks looked fantastic. After all, this place specializes in beverages.
There wasn't anything for us to complain about except for the long wait for the food and the non-availability of many of the menu items. Other than that, the food wasn't bad but nothing really stood out either. 

The drinks of course not only looked fantastic but tasted good as well.

I'd say this place is worth a visit but perhaps a repeat visit just to impress friends with this place's unique look and great location. 

Alas, it is no longer there (guess that concludes the rating of this place as a food destination) as it has recently been replaced by another restaurant.

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