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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movie Review (Not) - Avengers 2 (Age of Ultron)


It's finally been made official. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (best known for his role as Dave Lizewski in the Kick-Ass films) and Elizabeth Olsen (Mary Kate and Ashley's younger sister) will be in Avengers 2 (aka Age of Ultron, due out on May 1, 2015) as Quicksilver (hmmm, this is a character that's not well-liked by most of fandom, but let's see how he pans out in the movie universe) and Scarlet Witch respectively (yayyyy, I love her and her hubby, the Vision, who by the way is technically Ultron's "son". And since this movie will be all about Ultron, I'm quite certain we'll see Vision by the end of the movie.) 
However, it's not sure how they will address the matter that they both are X-Men arch-villain Magneto's children as both Magneto & the X-Men (Hey, there's another Marvel book title right there!) are still a franchise under Fox Studio's control.

I'm pretty happy with this development as I was quite spot on with my predictions in my 2012 post:
Here's my review of the first Avengers movie:
By the way, I found a couple of design images of Thanos, presumably for his upcoming appearance in another of Marvel's movies. Guardians of the Galaxy maybe? However, I can't verify whether it's genuine or just fan art.
Coincidentally, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen will both be also working together in the Godzilla remake out in May 2014.

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