Thursday, May 3, 2012

Which Avengers should be in the next Avengers Movie?

Now that the Avengers Movie has hit the big screens and hopefully, you've managed to catch it (and if you have not, what are you waiting for?), I think it's safe to say that a sequel is VERY likely to happen.

These are the Avengers whom I thought should be included in the next Avengers Movie:

Vision & Scarlet Witch
The Avengers' very own power-couple - these 2 have been in almost every incarnation of the team as as far as I am concerned, the Avengers are not the same without them. Just like Hawkeye & Black Widow, despite starting their careers as villains, they have proven time and again that they are true heroes and have earned their place with the team.

Wasp & Ant-Man (aka Yellow Jacket/Goliath/Giant-Man)
Ant ManYellow JacketWasp
The Avengers' drama-couple. These 2 were founding members of the team (Yes, they formed the team when Capt. America was still taking a nap in the North Pole). Just Like the Vision & Scarlet Witch, they were in almost every incarnation of the team and it makes perfect sense for them to be included in the next movie. Moreover, need I mention Ultron?
Black Panther
Altho' he first appeared in the Fantastic Four in #52, to me, he's most associated with the Avengers. Married to Storm (of the X-Men), a monarch of the Wakandan nation that is the sole supplier of a rare metal that helped make Capt America's Shield - Vibranium (OK, we're not going to mention the Savage Land at this point.) a scientist of almost the same caliber of Reed Richards & Tony Stark and providing sorely needed diversity & fighting prowess to the team.

Capt. Marvel/Photon/Ms. Marvel
Ms Marvel
Capt Marvel 
As the Movie's post-credit teaser scene reveals who the villain for the next movie will be, it makes a lot of sense that 1 of the Marvels be on the roster to provide some much needed cosmic fire-power. These 3 characters have taken on the "Capt Marvel" Legacy at one time or another in the Avengers' various incarnations.
Sure, he gets on everybody's nerves plus he's Magneto's son, but where the Scarlet Witch is, he won't be far behind.
She Hulk
Being more of a team player (she was part of the Fantastic Four for several years) and not to mention, mental stability, If the Avengers needed a bruiser, Jen Walters would make a better Hulk to the Avengers than her cousin Bruce.
War Machine
Since movie audiences have already been introduced to him in Iron Man 2, his inclusion in the next movie is a natural progression.
Agree? Disagree? Who do you think should be in the NEXT movie?

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