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Friday, May 11, 2012

My artwork

Here are some of the stuff I had done over the years, but mainly when I was still in school. So here we go, in chronological order.
A piece I did for a school publication.
Another piece I did for the school's Science Society.
This was a spoof of the Marvel event at that time when a mystery character was wiping out the 2nd and 3rd tier villains with a "PUM SPAK" sound effect. This was published in the New Straits Times.
A piece I did for a now-defunct Singaporean Comic Fanzine called the Big-O (Before I Get Old)
This piece was published in the Star.
Another piece that was published in the Star.
A couple of random pieces I did.
This was done as a birthday gift for my college pal - Oliver Tse. He really liked the Predators movies so I thought this might be something he would like. I was happy to learn he really loved it. Of course I had to make a copy of it before handing it over to him.
This piece was done fairly recently when the 1st Transformers (yes, the one that introduced the world to Megan Fox) movie came out. This was my entry in a contest where we were tasked to design our own Transformer. I took home the 1st Prize. Well, maybe I would've stood a better chance at the Grand Prize if I had it colored.


chee leong said...

haha I remember the two pieces you did that appeared in the Star.

Actually I might have got photocopies of those from you. It's probably tucked away in my Ipoh house if the mold hasn't got to them already.

JM Loke said...

Sob - brings a tear to my eyes! Anyway, I actually have 2 more pieces - 1 in color (with my own characters) and another in B&W with Superman in the tunnels. Not sure if you've seen those.