Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review (Not) - X-Men Days of Future Past

The entire list of X-Men characters (and a couple who aren't) are finally out. I've also included their images from the comics so non-comic fans can see how well/badly Hollywood has done with their character designs. 
This is a very good version of Kitty by a cosplayer, but then, I love Ellen Page, so, I'll just have to wait and see.Based on the 2 mugshots, both Blink and Bishop look pretty good so far. FASSBENDER! 'nuff said!

 I have hated the Hollywood design for Mystique since the very first X-Men movie back in 2000 but viewers seem to like it so much that the look stuck. I guess people would like looking at a virtually naked blue chick on the big screen. Sigh....
 Nope, don't like the funky long hair.
 Nope, don't like the not-so-funky short hair.
 Sunspot was 1 of the founding members of the 2nd Generation of X-Men called the New Mutants (introduced back in the late '80s) but have since graduated to become an X-Man along with fellow New Mutant - Sam Guthrie (aka Cannonball). Both Sunspot & Cannonball are coincidentally also current members of the Avengers. 
Unless you're a long-time X-Geek, most cinema-goers or even new comic fans may not be familiar with this character called Bolivar Trask, as he was created waaaaay back in the '60s. He was the creator of the Sentinels, 1 of the X-Men's perennial enemies.

Warpath is the younger brother of 1 of the earliest New X-Men - Thunderbird, who died very early on in one of their missions. Currently, Warpath is a member of the black-ops arm of the X-Men called the X-Force. I'm not quite sure why he is listed as having the power of flight here in the image.
Here are some more non-character images but are from/for the movie.

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