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Monday, February 24, 2014

My path to geekdom (aka trip down memory lane) Pt 2

Following on from my previous "My path to geekdom" post, this is the continuation of my journey on my road towards geek county.

So after I received my 1st batch of comics from my neighbour who was moving away, I started my comic buying binge. Being a resident in Ipoh Garden at the time (circa late 70's) and a student at the La Salle School near Canning Garden, my only access to comics was then a famous little neighbourhood book store call Ariff Book Store. A tiny little half shop-lot that's located right behind the Canning Garden Wet Market. Anyone living in the neighbourhood would know where it is.
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The regular issues were still going for USD 0.35 per issue (as you can see from the covers below). This translated to RM0.60 per issue (based on the exchange rates at the time). Some of the issues were also denominated in UK currency and thus we can see that they were priced at 12p per issue.
It was at this point that I was exposed to the artwork of John Byrne (who was my favourite artist for many years and was the major influence on my own art style.). He was doing books like Avengers #165 & 166 where the Avengers were basically defeated by Count Nefaria until Vision and Thor showed up to save the day. The other books that John Byrne was doing at the time were the Champions, Marvel Team-Up (Byrne's MTU issues were the best ones in the entire run of the 1st volume.) & Power Man & Iron Fist.
Of course, no mention of John Byrne would be complete without mentioning the book that shot him to Mega-Super Stardom - Uncanny X-Men! And due to some dumb luck, I managed to buy the very 1st issue Byrne did for his legendary run - Uncanny X-Men #108.
I can't really recall exactly when I started to expand my reading habit to include DC titles but I'll get there in an upcoming part on my path to geekdom. 

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