Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Food Review - Sukiya (Pavillion KL)

Steam Boat
Getting there
It’s very easy to find as it’s located on the top floor of the Pavillion KL Shopping Mall, specifically within the Tokyo Street section.
Pavillion is one of the Premiere shopping malls within KL's Golden Triangle.
There are lots of parking spaces either within Pavillion KL or in the Golden Triangle/Bukit Bintang vicinity.

Despite the place being quite hectic, as they always seem to be running a full house with diners standing in line outside, the wait staff (who are mainly non-locals) are very alert and attend to your needs fairly quickly.

The place is quite nice and comfortable with brightly lit dining areas and wood/bamboo as main décor/furniture material. The place is also very well ventilated.
They do have a variety of meats ranging from chicken to lamb and beef (no pork though). The food can be cooked in several different soup bases but diners are given a choice of 2 soups per table. There are also a wide selection of vegetables (including several mushroom varieties), meatballs & soy products like Fu-Chok and Tofu. Oh, and did I mention that there's a free flow of soft-serve ice-cream as well? As you can see from the images, yeah, they do =) 
All the food there is un-processed (except for the meat balls & tofu are processed) and very fresh and thus, very delicious. The bonus is that Sukiya also has a whole slew of sauces that would please anybody, whether you have an affinity for sweet, savoury or spicy condiments with your steamboat.

The meat is delivered in dainty little square plates kind of like the mini bento boxes. And sometimes, between friends, it’s fun to see if you can out-do each other by the number of plates you can wolf down in a session.
It’s a pretty good dining experience even for a non-lover of steamboats like me. I would definitely go back there again and see if I can top my initial group effort of 42 meat plates.

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