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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Comic Review - Cat got your tongue

This is my attempt at creating a concise compilation of cat-themed comic characters.

In no particular order, we start with...

Catman was Batman's enemy (some now may call him an anti-hero, that is to say, he may have a bad image but he does good things) but I only started reading about him about 6 years ago in Villians United.DC Comics,DC Universe,фэндомы,Deadshot,Дэдшот, Флойд Лоутон,Bane,Бэйн,DC Evil,Злодеи,ragdoll,Silver Banshee,Scandal Savage,Catman
Puma (Thomas Fireheart), was originally a Spider-Man villain, but having fought Spidey on multiple occasions, he started to respect Spider-Man and eventually became Spidey's ally.Marvel,фэндомы,puma
Zabu the Sabretooth Tiger, Kazar's ever faithful companion in the Savage Land.

T'Challa, better known as Black Panther (who will have his very own Marvel Movie soon - Yaayy), a key member of not only the Avengers but also of the Marvel Illuminati (along with Reed Richards, Namor, Professor X, Iron Man and Black Bolt) and more recently, as a stand-in Fantastic Four member along with his wife Storm from X-Men.
Original Sin Vol 1 2 Dell'Otto Variant Textless    Black_Panther
Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, who by now would be much better known that the other characters from this page thanks to her appearance in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, as played by Anne Hathaway. She is sometimes a thorn and sometimes something more inviting to Batman, who is trying to keep her on the straight and narrow.
Catwoman wallpaper 2 by ethaclaneCatwoman DC universe Online by LuxrayXDCatwoman - The Game by James--CSexy Catwoman Dc Comics
Héctor Ayala came across the mystical Jade Tiger Amulets that were originally from the Sons of The Tiger and became the first White Tiger. However, he was eventually shot and killed. The mantle of White Tiger is now passed on to Angela Del Toro.  
Greer Nelson, aka Tigra. Honestly, I really don't know much about her as I hardly read any stories with her in them, but she started out as a non-super powered crime fighter known as the Cat and eventually mutated into the super powered tiger-woman we all know as Tigra, who is a sometimes Avenger.
Rosa Mendez, one of the later additions to the Teen Titans in the '90s. Her life as a super-hero was cut short during the Infinite Crisis event where she was killed by Superboy-Prime.

Barbara Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros are among the most well-known hosts to possess the power of the Cheetah from a plant-god (uh-huh) named Urtzkartaga.
Ted Grant, stalwart of the Justice Society of America along with the Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Dr Fate.
File:Wildcat 0015.jpg
Believe it or not, Patsy Walker (aka Hellcat) was created back in the '40s (! yeah, you read that right!) and was introduced in the Avengers but ended up joining the Defenders. All of this happened in the '70s.
Felicia Hardy was only a small time crook/villain to Spider-man, but eventually, she managed to steal his heart and they were an item for some time.

A deadly martial artists, Bronze Tiger is sometimes considered a hero and sometimes a villain. He s usually associated with DC's Suicide Squad (who will also be having their very own movie soon - double Yaaayyy).

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