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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Food Review - Burger Bar

Burger Bar 
Burger Joint
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
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Getting There & Parking
This place is located within the Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park enclave. So the parking situation would be the same as for Misaki Udon.

The place is clean and well-lit. The decor is simple and un-cluttered.In fact, I was told it kind of reminded people of the dining places in Seoul.

The place is a little unusual and you can see this the moment you enter the place. This is because the Cashier/Order Counter is right at the front of the shop and diners must place their orders & PAY before entering to secure their table and seats. I say unusual because I thought this only happens for fast-food outlets. So, when I encountered that, I was a little put off.

Nicely plated on square white china. However, the plates are a little too small as I find that tiny scraps of food keep falling off the plate.

The pork patties were obviously home-made. Thick and juicy and extremely irresistible. I have never seen them on sale anywhere before. Just describing them is making me salivate.

The portion is also quite generous as even without the fries, I found myself quite full & satisfied with just the burger alone!

I for one am very glad that this place serves pork burgers (Sorry Ninja Joe)! I know there are a couple around but there should be more of these places because pork is SO GOOD!

But altho' they look pretty good, I was a little taken aback by the amount of oil that was still on the buns as they were served. I think almost everyone eats burgers with their fingers but when I picked it up, my fingers were drenched in oil.

They have quite an extensive menu, with burgers to suit all kinds of diners. They have Chicken, Beef & Pork burgers. They also have a tiny pasta section plus 1 Hot Dog item - the Double Jumbo Hotdog (RM14.90) - a delectable Taiwan Style sausage wrapped in minced pork and then served on a bun.

Some of the items have a very deliberately Oriental slant to them:
- Char Siew (BBQ Pork) Chicken/Pork Burger
- Teriyaki Chicken/Pork Burger
- Nam Yu (Fermented Tofu) Chicken/Pork Burger

As boutique burger bars spring up all over the Klang Valley, the prices are pretty competitive. They are not cheap coz at an average of RM15 a pop, for just the burger, I could've gotten 2 Burger King Meal Sets with fries & drinks. Altho' here, diners have the option to "make it a meal" by adding on RM4 for the fries and drink.

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