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Friday, January 27, 2017

Movie Review - Spectral

Movie: Spectral
Year: 2016
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Netflix
What it was about (in > 50 words)
US Forces in the Moldovan War encounter what they conclude to be new weapons/invisibility tech
where the enemies are invisible . This is where Dr. Mark Clyne (James Badge Dale) comes in, to develop hyper-spectral gear for the US Troops to counter this new threat.
Anything special/memorable?
I really like this movie - not so much for the action or story but for the introduction of a NEW type of monster. It's not the SAME Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Demons or Aliens. They didn't come from another Dimension or Inner Space.

They were man-made (made of Bose-Einstein Condensate - hence earning it a Sci-Fi genre categorization)! It's a cross between spirits of dead soldiers/people in invisible cyborg bodies with super strength & abilities (they took down a tank with their bare hands!)
Waste/worth the time?
It's not for everybody as it does fit into some kind of movie formula and usual tropes.
However, as I said, watch it for the IMHO the 1st ORIGINAL idea in a LONG TIME !
I highly recommend this movie for any Action or Sci-Fi fans.
Will I watch it again?
Definitely YES. Netflix has done it again! Another winner. Good job!

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