Saturday, July 18, 2009

Food Review - OUG Pork Noodles

OUG Pork Noodles
FoodPork Noodles

Getting thereYou just need to locate the central wet morning market or the famed Steven’s Corner (the original one). This un-named corner shop (see picture) is located across from the market’s uncovered car-park area.
ParkingThere is an uncovered car-park area which is hassle-free (but not free) but most people just park their cars around the area for free (which includes both commercial & residential). However, this could test your patience as the parking here can be quite haphazard & harrowing.

ServiceOrders are placed at the stall and although there is tremendous customer traffic and extreme chaos, for some strange reason, they are able to get your orders right almost every time perfectly.

AmbienceThis place honestly needs a long-overdue renovation. Altho’ brightly lit and quite well-ventilated, it is dirty and decrepit with oily cum wet floors which can be slippery if you are not careful (check out the floor tiles from the photos).

TasteThis place serves great pork noodles. They add deep-fried pork lard (Jue Yow Jar or Keropok) generously in all their food. So, if you are a little concerned about the cholesterol levels, you may want to skip this.
PresentationIt is good to know that there are stalls like this one that still use the traditional Chinese porcelain bowls (with painted chicken artwork outside).

VarietyBesides the standard with soup/dry varieties, they are also very well-known for their pork noodles with added seafood. This is a must-try variety. My personal favourite is to have it dry.
Value for MoneyAt under RM5 a bowl, it’s good-value and great-tasting.

Whenever there is a craving for pork noodles, this place comes to mind.

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