Friday, August 7, 2009

Food Review - Toh Yuen @ Hilton PJ

Toh Yuen @ Hilton PJ
FoodChinese Cuisine (Halal) Buffet

Getting there
The Hilton PJ is a prominent landmark along the Federal Highway.
You won’t miss it while you travel along the Federal Highway in either direction. Toh Yuen is located on the 1st floor at the back of the hotel.
Lots of parking in and around the hotel. So, don’t fret.

Service from the Hilton is top-notch, as is to be expected from a world-class hotel.


The decor and lighting are very well done for a place that is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The place is old, but even so, it has its loyal fan base of diners.
Take some time to savor the d├ęcor at the entrance of the restaurant. It featured some quaint and dainty little Chinese tea-pots and a bonsai. There is also a large (6 footer I believe) & brightly lit marine fish tank behind the Dim Sum & Noodle Counter. This will be a great attention grabber for the kids and ornamental fish enthusiasts.

TasteThe food served tastes great, as one can expect from the Hilton. The prawns used for the Dim Sum and Butter Fried Prawns were fresh and had that unmistakable “bounce & crunch” in the bite.

I usually have some degree of reservation when it comes to Halal Dim Sum but I must say, the food done here had removed my reservations.
PresentationThe place is quite compact as the space is limited.

The variety is quite good for the price paid but when you are looking at it from the Dim Sum Buffet angle, then it is a little disappointing because there are less than 8 types of steamed Dim Sum:
- Yue Gow (Fish Paste)
- Pau (Dumpling)
- Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling)
- Siew Mai (Meat Dumpling)
- Jue Cheong Fun (Steamed Rice Noodles)
- Hor Yip Fan (Glutinous rice in lotus leaf)
They make up for it with the deep fried variety & non-Dim Sum items which include:
- Fu Jok Kuen (Deep Fried Bean-Curd Roll)
- Wu Kok (Yam Pastry)
- Nai Yow Har (Butter Fried Prawns)

They also serve Honey Sea Coconut & White Fungus and Longan & Almond Jelly drinks, Peking Roast Duck (A staple item, and the chef prepares them in front of the diners at the counter) plus some other non-Chinese items like vegetarian items, jellyfish, baby octupi, cakes and ice cream for dessert.

Value for MoneyAs far as Dim Sum Buffets go, this is not the cheapest, as there are many that offer Dim Sum Buffets for under RM30 per person. However, you do get good quality service, ambience and food.

Good food with good service at affordable prices. I will definitely be making a return visit.

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