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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Movie Review - Yes Man

Yes, it's a Jim Carrey Movie!
Movie Title
Yes Man

Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is a divorced, down and out guy with a monotonous “kill-myself” inducing kind of job at the bank scrutinizing and saying “No” to loan applications, who prefers to be alone than be with his friends because he is afraid of bumping into his ex.
One day, an old friend, Nick (John Michael Higgins) who left the rat race to "live" - literally runs into him, shares the wonders of “Yes” empowerment with him. Since his life couldn’t get any worse as he missed his best friend Peter’s (Bradley Cooper) engagement party, he gives the idea a go and attends the self empowerment seminar.

The tenet of the program was to say "yes" and be open to new situations. However, he misunderstands the concept and says "yes" to everything because he thought he made a covenant with the Yes Guru (Terence Stamp). He helps a homeless man who was right outside the seminar hall, resulting in him being stranded at a deserted area late in the night but it led him to meet Allison (Zooey Deschanel), a free-spirited girl whom he falls for immediately but never made any moves to get her number.

Carl soon believes in the power of “Yes” and his life changes for the better. His relationship with his boss, Norman (Rhys Darby), improves altho’ he had given a promotion opportunity to Carl’s competitor earlier. Carl soon meets Allison again and reinforces his belief in the power of “Yes” and his covenant. Their relationship soon blossoms into a whirlwind ride of love & excitement. However, things seem to go wrong when Allison learns of Carl’s “Yes” program and that he hadn’t told her that he was once married. She thinks of the relationship as a lie and merely part of Carl’s program activity. So now, Carl has to understand the real message behind the “Yes” program and set things right with the love of his life.
Jim Carrey here is nowhere as annoying as in Ace Ventura or Cable Guy, so it makes it an easier watch compared with his more annoying roles. In fact, in this one, ,his character is quite endearing because it does manage to strike a chord with those who can relate to his situation and end up caring/rooting for him.

Zooey Deschanel is adorable in this movie. She’s cute & bubbly. Again, audiences can relate to her.
A really entertaining feel-good movie suitable for the whole family. It is an adaptation of Danny Wallace ‘s book and has it’s funny and poignant moments. One of the better Jim Carrey movies. Go watch it if you haven’t.
Rating: 6.5/10

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