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Comic Review - Dark X-Men: The Beginning 1-3


Dark X-Men: The Beginning
Publish Date/Year
Creative Teams
Namor: Paul Cornell & Leonard Kirk
Mimic: James Asmus & Jesse Delperdang
Dark Beast: Shance McCarthy & Ibraim Roberson
Cloak & Dagger: Paul Cornell & Leonard Kirk
Weapon Omega: Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman & Michel Lacombe
Daken: Rob Williams & Paco Diaz
Emma Frost: Paul Cornell & Leonard Kirk
Mystique: Jason Aaron & Jock
Aurora: Simon Spurrier & Paul davidson
Issue (s) 1-3

These are basically 9 short (11 pages each) insights as to how Norman Osborn, now head of HAMMER, recruits his team of Dark X-Men in the aftermath of the Skrull Invasion (see Secret Invasion).

They do provide readers some degree of knowing why each of them might have joined his team, but not enough impact for all of them to stick in my mind. Still, there are a couple of good stories in there. It’s also a good platform to re-introduce some of the characters readers had not seen for some time, eg: Cloak & Dagger, Mimic & Aurora (from Alpha Flight). However, some are too obscure even for long-time readers like me. Case in point: Weapon Omega (whom I later discover was a character introduced in New Avengers recently).

What would have been good for them to have used are the footnotes of old. They would really help readers, both old and new alike, get their bearings on the characters more quickly.

Each issue features 3 stories with 3 different artists. Their work range from fairly competent to sub-standard, but it made the books feel a little like an anthology book with a recurring theme.

Art-wise, #3 is the strongest, thanks to Jock. Leonard Kirk’s art in #3 had also thankfully improved over the earlier 2 issues. However, I would consider the work turned in by the others quite poor in terms of art quality.

Credit where credit is due, Jae Lee provided really excellent covers for the series.
Additional Comments
For the price of USD3.99 per copy, these issues are not worth parting with your hard earned $$$. These stories should’ve been inserted as back-up stories in other issues. Readers can enjoy Dark Reign and Utopia without these issues. Strictly for the completists only.
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