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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comic Review - Dr Voodoo - Avenger of the Supernatural 1

Dr Voodoo - Avenger of the Supernatural 1
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Rick Remender & Jefte Palo

This issue demonstrates the power the New Sorcerer Supreme (as of New Avengers #53) wields in just the first 6 pages! Dormammu – 1 of the most powerful and feared extra-dimensional demons in the Marvel Universe – rendered into a simpering wreck and trapped forever in the Dark Dimension (or however long that may be in comic book time) by Dr Voodoo (Jericho Drumm, formerly known as Brother Voodoo) without breaking a proverbial sweat! All that just to send a message that he is the new Sorcerer Supreme (OK – so it was also to act on a warning the Vishanti had given about a foreboding evil that will apparently swallow the universe)!

Attacked by a Petro Loa (Haitian Spirit) in his clinic. However, we soon learn that Dr Doom is in cahoots with it. Dr Voodoo takes the battle away from his clinic and innocents. Both the good and bad doctors tumble across dimensions in their battle. Exhausted from 5 days of sleep deprivation and the earlier throw-down with Dormammu, Voodoo loses to Doom and seizes his coveted prize from Voodoo – the Eye of Agamotto, but sees something that makes him throw the Eye back to Voodoo. Even Voodoo himself wonders what Doom saw from the Eye.

Jefte Palo's style is reminescent of Mike Mignola's early work. It's rather refreshing, BUT I really was put off by the un-flattering way in which he draws Dr Strange because he was made to look like an older and overweight version of Hitler.

Additional Comments
Remender has a penchant for using the words “Gaaaa” for his characters. Try counting how many were in the book.

There are some back-up pages (in the Marvel Universe Handbook format pages) that are designed to help both new and seasoned readers get a better grip on Voodoo’s history (as he had been a C-Lister up until now).

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