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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stuff So Good...Halloween Edition

Here are some pix that may (or may not, depending on your level of freak-tolerance) freak you out. Some really creepy stuff...

This is a real image by the way. The parents actually named their child Re-Run (I have to ASSUME no one, or their parents, in their right minds would inflict this kind of mental torment on a living human being.)
Here is being a few REALLY example of a FREAKY Malaysian Englandlah. Are you really enjoy?

For those who have had absolutely no access to Newpapers, TV, Magazines, or Internet (hmmm, moot point.) in the past year, this is actually a REAL fish!
Here is another one.

Examples of great architectural design or for "strange visitors"? (Mwuah-hahahahahahah)

Now, this is how you do Sex Education if the costumes don't freak the neighbours out!

Fresh food is good for u...

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